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  1. Yeah its really looking great. Oh and I actually hope that EBBR will be released long before the PMDG 737 as I don't think it will make it before early/mid next year (and not meaning that negative in any way but it will need time if you read between the lines of their own updates and news) Cheers T.
  2. Hi folks, any update on the "cutting the christmas tree" and some parking spots for the AMA Terminal stuff? If you put in some parking spots please keep in mind that we visit EAFS with some bigger planes, too. Looks like it's growing to be our Oldtimer base with currently Stratocruisers, DC3s and a DC6B visiting on regular base. Thanks and Cheers Thorsten
  3. Oh here I get the Beta Badge Lord Howe, all US-Cities, Cat, Beaver, Antarctica, Rotterdam, Lelystad and I think forgot some more Cheers Thorsten
  4. Nice poll. Oh yes, my old Q6600 is not the fastest but still ok. But ordered I7 components a few days ago. So things should speed up a bit Cheers Thorsten
  5. Hi, the fisheye was a bit of problem but I like it Original cropped, copyright on Airliners.net Cheers Thorsten
  6. Oh Matt... I'm very very sorry to hear that. Such a waste... *just kidding* Cheers Thorsten
  7. Ha Shaun, you got one of this baggy pants? Cheers Thorsten
  8. Wonderful idea... but what's an Ipad? ...just kidding. Android please! Cheers Thorsten
  9. Btw does someone remember the old DHC6 from Lago ten years ago? (perhaps Mathijs? ) There was even a "beer" repaint in the package. The beer of my youth, Warsteiner. Realworld counterpart was this bird: http://www.airliners.net/photo/AFC-Aero-Flug/De-Havilland-Canada/0562781/L/&sid=28ca8a21e369f975160e7c08845a742a Cheers Thorsten
  10. Hmmm... nice thread... sitting in hotel in Bavaria and drinking... you will never guess right... a beer I think nobody mentioned the German beer yet and it's "Reinheitsgebot" . Especially for Lars: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beer_in_Germany ... at least two facts from the article: - The highest density of breweries in the world is found near the city of Bamberg, in the Franconia region of Bavaria - The Benedictine abbey Weihenstephan brewery (established in 725) is reputedly the oldest existing brewery in the world (brewing since 1040) But yes, Guinness is a really good one so count me in. And one big fridge for my hangar, please... So have a nice cold one Cheers Thorsten
  11. You're absolutely right. And I've just taken the Turbine Duke out for its first rides. Awesome as expected. I think they've hit the nail with the turboprop right on the top (as far as I can say in comparison to other addons, only flown piston in real life hands on once). Getting the Duke up in the air with a VS of 4000 is quite remarkable. But watch the oil temperature Cheers Thorsten
  12. Many thanks for your quick reply Oliver, I know, I know... bloody DX10totallybuggyandneverfinishedpreview mode. If I wouldn't loose about 15fps when going back to DX9 I definetly would do. Day only will be perfectly fine. We had this discussions in Beta's in the past already. Thanks and keep up your excellent work. Cheers Thorsten
  13. Hi, just installed and looking really great. I'm visiting EDDM in real world mode every week and it's a really good rendition of the whole aiport and the area. Small Problem: I'm getting untextured moving vehicle traffic all over the place. Yes, DX10 is on but not seeing this with other GAPs installed. Broken install (repair function didn't help) or supposed behaviour? Cheers Thorsten
  14. Hi all, my vote goes to the PNW, too. Man, I loved the times back in FS9 with Orcas Island as my preferred base. So what about a small island over there? Speed boat ferries as a connection to Seattle and Vancouver would be sufficient I think Plenty of room for houses and and enough water for our cats... In the end something around KORS would be great. Cheers Thorsten
  15. Thanks Ole, mail on the way, too... Cheers Thorsten
  16. Many thanks to Aerosoft. Great offer. I got it already as a reward for spending a lot hours in the cockpit for Andras Meridian and reading the manuals in the moment Not in the air up to now... And finally thanks to Ole for all of his work for the rest of us Cheers Thorsten
  17. Hi Alex, ja das kann ich so ziemlich bestätigen. Ich habe lange Zeit XP und Vista parallel eingesetzt und habe nun Vista durch den Windows 7 RC ersetzt. XP läuft bei mir auch weiterhin weiter für den schönen alten FS2004 . Die Ergebnisse vom Directx 10 Preview sind performancetechnisch auch z.B. nur unter Vista oder W7 solo betrachtet ein gutes Stück besser als unter Directx9. Das war auch schon immer ein Thema bei z.B. den Betatests auch hier bei Aerosoft. Leider muss man unter dem 10er Preview aber mit einigen sehr nervigen anderen Sachen leben, vor allem die Grafikfehler durch Überlagerungen bei den Runways, das Geflicker der Übergänge und Taxiways etc etc. Nach Update von Ram und der entsprechenden Grafikkarte bin ich nun schon wieder dazu übergegangen mehr ohne Preview zu fliegen. Wen interessieren schon Schatten im Cockpit wenn der Runway Schxxx aussieht. Aber das ist auch vermutlich wieder eine Religionsfrage. Positiv ist mir auf jeden Fall aufgefallen, das W7 auf jeden Fall ein paar Frames bei gleicher Hardware liefert als Vista. Kann aber auch am Alter der Installationen liegen. Grüße Thorsten
  18. Hi all, ups, I think I've taken the wrong approach... Have fun Thorsten
  19. Hi Peter, thanks for sharing this with us. I've read a lot of your posts over the time. And they are always a pleasure to read and an enrichment for the flightsim community. Thank you very much and Kind Regards Thorsten
  20. Ok, time for firing up the BBQ. Oh, I'm so lazy... ;-) DO at LHI. Happy Laziness out there... Thorsten
  21. Hi Dan, There are only two real jetways located at Dortmund. The rest are moving tunnels on the ground. Just take a look at the screenshot section of the product page and compare them to what you see. Is this what you're seeing? Thorsten
  22. Habe die Fixes wiedergefunden, alle beinhalten eine Readme mit Shaun's Signatur, waren also offizieller Natur. Die Dateinamen waren: Scandinavian-Airports-Sweden.zip Scandinavian-Airports-Norway.zip SC-Airports-Denmark-Part2.zip SC-Airports-Sweden-Part2.zip Vielleicht kann von offizieller Seite (Sascha/Shaun) geprüft werden, ob die nochmal zur Verfügung gestellt werden können. Grüße Thorsten
  23. Hi Chris, das Problem war wie Sascha schon sagt bekannt. Aber, da muss ich dem Sascha doch auch einmal widersprechen ;-) , es gab einen Satz von Austausch .bgl Dateien. Aber ich glaube die ursprüngliche Supportseite gibts nicht mehr, wenn ich mich richtig erinnere. Ich suche nochmal ob ich die Quelle bzw die Updates noch finde. Habe die beiden Boxes im Augenblick nicht mehr installiert. Thorsten
  24. Danke für die Info Sascha, ich hatte so eine Auskunft befürchtet. Wirklich sehr schade, da DA ja mit der Cheyenne gezeigt hat, dass es auch anders geht. 12.95 € FSX Update für die Tonne mal ganz salopp gesagt. Betriebswirtschaftlich kann ich die Einstellung verstehen, sie als Kunde zu akzeptieren fällt mir da schon schwerer. Trotzdem ein paar schöne Ostertage Thorsten
  25. Hi Laszlo, I know what you're talking about. I'm seeing the same effect. I'm doing my repaints in my old Photoshop version and then cause of the ease of use using FSR as a simple preview without starting FSX as it renders the aircraft without all the overhead with FSX, loading a flight, watching the aircraft, etc... . The funny thing is that I could do it the same way with the Beta of The Twotter but not with the final version. The same behaviour with Cheyenne and Beaver btw. FSR seems to have problems with a lot of planes not only restricted to Aerosoft releases. I assume you're using the FSX capable FSR version? Thorsten
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