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    • @Hans Hartmann Like many others, I have the same blank screen issue.   The log doesn't even update (but I'm attaching it anyway) and I get three separate errors in my events. I managed to make it work once by uninstalling and reinstalling ALL of Aerosoft add-ons I had, but the problem has returned since.   Any insight? ASUpdater_App_Log.txt
    • Ohne Log.txt kann dir niemand helfen. 🙂
    • Floor Protection Film From an upkeep stance, PPF is an amazing venture for any vehicle. The reasonable covered urethane film helps safeguard the paint finish while securing surfaces defenseless against stone chips, bug harm, scraped area, and enduring. Not exclusively will your vehicle's paint be safeguarded from these sorts of harms, the film will permit your paint to age normally, and won't yellow from delayed sun openness. Also, you can clean and keep up your vehicle equivalent to previously. The almost undetectable film can be washed and waxed much the same as the remainder of the painted surfaces to hold that serious shine sparkle you anticipate. These defensive movies are commonly applied to the effect zones on vehicles parts, or in any case weak territories, for example, hoods, bumpers, side mirrors, guards, barbecues, rocker boards, headlights covers, floodlights, vehicle entryway security, baggage zones, back guard decks, rooftop and A-columns. Most merchants ensure their item not to murkiness, yellow or strip and offer a guarantee of somewhere in the range of two to five years when appropriately introduced. The film contains bright stabilizers to forestall staining or debasement of the item itself while as yet permitting the sun's beams to go through to the paint so in the event that you do choose to eliminate the film your vehicle won't be two-conditioned, or "burned from the sun". Not at all like calfskin vehicle bras or plastic shields, these unmistakable defensive movies are basically undetectable and don't significantly influence the general appearance of your vehicle. https://www.jagannathpolymers.com/surface-protection-film-online.asp
    • Hallo  Wenn ich von Aerosoft LSZH aus nach JustSim LFMN fliege (..oder im Anschluss nach LSZH öffne) funktioniert diese nicht mehr. Ich erhalte immer den Fehler "... Es benötigt eine zusätzliche Szeneriepacket Bibliothek, die entweder nicht installiert ist oder es fehlen einige benötigte Datein."  Dies passiert nur wenn ich von Zürich aus fliege oder zuerst LSZH lade. Wenn ich von LFMN nach LSZH fliege besteht dieses Problem nicht, sprich wenn ich zuerst Nizza öffne. Und LFMN von JustSim funktioniert auch mit allen anderen Flughäfen wie z.B. EDDF von Aersoft oder LEIB. Kann mir jemand helfen? 
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