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    • In general, I'd prefer that there was a FAQ that Aerosoft and forum members could point complainants to that told them why their assumptions are wrong. That way, more people would become properly educated instead of reinforcing wrong assumptions. Sure, not everyone will listen, we've all see plenty of times where the uneducated insist they know more than professionals. But, bending reality for that crowd just seems wrong to me. That isn't a complain about Aerosoft, they are a business so they have to tread a line that I don't, it is easier for me to have that view because I don't have to consider the same things they do.     Another idea, fixing some misconceptions could even be the subject of very short and focused videos from The Dude (more work for you 🙂) or other pilots. That would be super fantastic! And, it wouldn't really matter the plane it was done in as long as it illustrated the point. So they are reusable for other planes.    Talking about sound specifically, would it be possible to be able to have two mixes. One where the sounds are "crowd pleasing" and another where it is more "realistic"? I get that sound is subjective so I don't know if it is worth the effort. Just an another idea 🙂   I've suggested similar to Asobo. In their videos they have at multiple times said that they simulated some things inaccurately because some people wouldn't believe reality. Like, "we don't do realistic storm cloud weather because customers will think it is a bug". Crazy, especially for a "simulator" IMNSHO. Some of my most interesting flights were in storms in X-Plane with ActiveSky.  
    • I'm not sure but I thought MS and Asobo intend to bring charts to the base game? So I'm now wondering what will be in the sim first. The ability to access 3rd party charts or the MSFS default charts feature  
    • Well, it is a good answer but I stay at the same point, which is: To buy or not to buy? I don't know...
    • Ahhh ok cheers for that info mate.
    • Mit dem Airbus A320/321 Addon von Aerosoft funktioniert der TCA Quadrant im FSX. Dafür wird die registrierte Version von FSUPIC und Linda benötigt (Linda gibt die Kommandos der Schalter über FSUPIC an den FSX weiter). Die Treiber von Thrustmaster werden nicht gebraucht, es wird nur die T.A.R.G.E.T Software von Thrustmaster benötigt, damit Windows 10 den TCA Quadrant erkennt. Installation 1. Installation T.A.R.G.E.T Software 2. TCA Quadrant kalibrieren (Anleitung von Aerosoft) AerosoftAirbusTCA.pdf 3. Konfiguration der Throttle Achse/Achsen im FSX 4. Installation FSUPIC, keine Zuweisung der Achsen und Schalter im FSUPIC für TCA Quadrant 5. Installation Linda https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/512119-linda-311-32-64-bit-compatible-16-feb-2020 6. download und Installation Airbus Module im Linda (ist in der Linda Installationsanleitung erklärt) https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/451948-aerosoft-airbus-module-44-v3/ 7. Zuweisung aller Schalter in Linda Leider funktioniert bei mir das Aerosoft Addon nur mit der Konfiguration einer Throttle Achse richtig. Daher ist die Throttle-Funktion und die Reverser-Funktion auch nur auf der Y Achse konfiguriert (Auswahl Throttle Axis Count =1 im Aerosoft.AirbusX.Configurator).
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