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    • its the old ipad operating system it doesnt support the connection to the Airbus FMC
    • Hello everyone,   So I'm kinda new to the Airbus. So basically, i've been generating a flight plan from I the just enter the route manually and on my way. However, I've seen that there is no need and you can actually upload a FP file straight to the box. I've looked around and cant find anything. I have FSX:SE and I got the Airbus off the steam store. Is there anyway to do this? I would greatly appreciate your help!   Thanks!!
    • OK so last install packages I had downloaded from SimMarket were v1.3.0.0. From that point, the updater allowed me to upgrade to I decided to uninstall everything, and I went back to SimMarket in serach for the latest install packages. I got a v1.3.0.3. I can confirm I now have the EFB on board, but I'm still missing the printer.   On another matter, the A/P & A/T are very violent in this version ...   Thanks
    • Woohoo! Thanks! I mostly do what-ifs, and a lot of countries /looked/ at the Lightning...
    • Hi ! I've purchased the bus earlier this week and I am having the exact same issue with the current experimental version. Actually worse than that: when shutting down the engines, there's no shutdown sound but all the cockpit sounds disappeared after a 6 hours flight, the external sounds like APU or GPU were still alive though, but only from the external view.  I've tried disabling/re-enabling P3D sounds several time with the Q key without success. I also tried to pause/unpause the sim several time I insisted on this one because each time I was unpausing the sim I could briefly hear the cockpit sounds before they were disappearing again, after pausing/unpausing many times it finally succeeded to get the cockpit sounds back. I honestly never had any sound issue with P3D (other than the one we all met once that just need to disable/re-enable the sound with the Q key after a lost focus) but it could be a conflict with the way the airbus manages the sounds with the P3D sound engine under specific circumstances. I also think that a windows or prepar3D reinstall will not help as I actually did a fully clean install last week and everything should be clean. I am using a X570 motherboard with the latest realtek drivers available and my realtek settings are fine. Of course I've also checked the other tips which did not fix the issue.  Another possibility: I highly doubt it could be the issue, but I tend to put some exclusion to the default windows antivirus to most of my P3D folders and processes to prevent any conflict, which I did not do yet as I've done a clean install last week as previously said. I'll be trying that tomorrow without too much hope but definitely deserves a try.  Correction: The exclusion to this folder was actually already done. Quite a weird one but also being a developer I luckily have quite a good knowledge of Prepar3D, if I can help in any way to spot the reason of the issue, I'd be glad to !  
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