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  1. Hi there I purchased last week the jardesign a320 I want to share my issue.during take off the LEV CLB flash before reaching the injtial climb I have the aerosoft a319 and it start to flash after take off. can some one have idea for that?T Thanks Aviv Shefer
  2. Thanks so if I purchase new update navdata pro it will download? Aviv Shefer
  3. Hi yes I have navdata pro from aerosoft but I cant use it because I get a message add atachment
  4. Hi Heinz Thanks for the answer, I have purchase this plane (ROTATE MD-80)in about a month ago but my airac cycle on the fms show the old dataset from jun 2016, so I have the navdata pro from 2018 and its better to use it more than what I have today in my aicraft. I understand what you mean by installed files but I have the navigraph data update is it comaptible with the MD-80 (rotate) Thanks Aviv Shefer
  5. Hi there, I have NavDataPro - Single dataset from 26 May 2018 and I want to update it manual just to replace the navdata folder for the ROTATE MD-80 in xplane11.30 is there a way to do so? Thanks Aviv_Shefer
  6. Hi When landing in auto pilot mode, the wheel touchs the runway a lot of smok get out from them. The landing is very smooth so why this is happened.? Regards Aviv1959
  7. His When I move my joystick up and down left and right it disccomet autopilot mode. I dont know what is going worng. Before a couple days it work good. can u help me to solv this issu? I will be more than happy. Regards Aviv1959
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