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  1. I'm really looking ,forward to this plane coming out
  2. I have chosen height 37000 in mcp but it does not go up to the height it goes up to 26000. I do not find out the problem any more as have same problem with this?
  3. this plane is fantastic i hope some updates come . looking forward to crj900-1000
  4. @GEK_the_Reaper thank you for your patience! good man!
  5. I have exactly the same problem as he never, the number one engine does not start us me it goes down in percentage all the time, I sat for 4 hours yesterday trying without it helping
  6. i need help i dont find out, problems with my controll settings i need he
  7. hi some, as can tell me how i install driver for honycomb in msf20? then not aspect folder location.
  8. BETA v1.6.15 - Adaptation to the new high-fps ToLiss routines for PFD and ND drawing - Addition of the SOFT GA mode when retarding thrust levers to MCT immediately after initiating GA - Improvements to the management of DIRECT TO RADIAL IN and RADIAL OUT functions - Improvements to the drag model, engine climb performance and fuel burn. - removed async objects loading in attempt to fix some rare mysterious crashes - fixed a few NML textures - Fixed the TCA parkbrake command - Fixed an issues that allowed entering a BARO and RADIO minimum simul
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