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    • Hello Gentz; Just a quick question. Where would I find the manuals for this aircraft in this website. I believe I have seeing them but completely lost track of where the end up when installing it? The reason of searching into the manual it's I am trying to find out where or how to reach to GSX Msg "Please use the refueling system of your aircraft to refuel". Have no idea where to or how to reach so the fueling can proceed and refuel truck depart to advance into boarding phase., or could you just share the guidance of where and how to please?    v/r FRL
    • Ist es die B767 von FlightFactor and StepToSky, aktuelle Version: 1.2.21 und dein XPlane ist die aktuelle Version XPlane11.36?   MfG Hermann 
    • Hall BePe. du kannst doch in den Joystick-Einstellungen wählen zwischen  normaler und maximaler Bremsstärke!   Gruß Hermann
    • Hallo, ich habe mir heute die B767 gekauft und installiert aber sobald ich den Simulator starte, sind die Texturen des ganzen Flugzeuges verbuggt. Womöglich liegt es daran, dass ich eine Fehlermeldung bekomme, meine x-Plane Version nicht unterstützt wird aber im Internet steht man kann diese Meldung ignorieren. Wüsste vielleicht irgendwer was da zu tun ist?   MfG. Daniel
    • yes, the fuel consumption varies very little for a helicopter as the engines are basically running at full rated speed throughout.   but as mentioned above the files are a work in progress and needs to be tinkered as required to dial in the actual fuel consumption as programmed by the addon and yes I am refering to the guide, but helicopters are a special breed so it falls a little beside the target of the guide   but appreciate the input Srcooke
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