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    • Matthias, I just checked the Cockpit Prep CL and there is only one item "Engine Mode Selector"........ Maybe your problem is that its setting is not correct and therefore the item is repeated...... Please check again!   Regards, Rolf
    • That only works in FSX and P3D v3. In v4 the option is not available.   Normally the aircraft doesn't move at 21% unless it's very light. But the ground thrust is actually tuned so that it doesn't need much to start rolling.
    • Hello Friends and Folks   I need more advice/recommendation from all members here, i'm expecting that there are so many experienced simmers in this forum.   So here i'm talking about Performance/FPS   Many years ago, we all know that venetubo/bojote/jesus whatever they called, had a great website tools to tweak fsx.cfg. But sadly, it's no longer exist on the internet. I've been there too, and yes i'm satisfied with the result, getting that balanced between Performance and Quality.   There's actually some alternative manual tweaking from kostas, i've tried testing and tweaking as kostas said on his website, but i still didnt get the result.   Any sharing experience for tweaking or advice will be appreciated. Thank You.   My Specs: Intel Core i5-8300H @ 2.30GHz Win 10 Home 64 Bit 1TB SSHD 8GB DDR4 4GB GTX1050Ti GDDR5
    • There is a point what you can check too. The Option page 2/2 of DAVE show the option "Use Ground Friction Tweak"  Contrary to the text in the tutorial this option should be deactivated.   See also documentation Vol3_Tutorial, capter 3.6, page 12
    • hope everyone is well    i just noticed in some shoots that other airbus owners post that most of them have a  clock VOR needles gauge .  Now i have gone through most of my liveries and none of my aircraft have it. Did i mess up installation somewhere along the line? do only some  registrations come with it? I am not sure through the manual but couldn't find anything.     Manuel