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  1. Oddly I just did 3 test flights with the A321-CFM, no issues noted during any of them, and it actually followed the descent profile quite nicely.
  2. Ok, so I installed the update, and replicated the previous flight I reported a problem with. KLAX-KPHX (Rwy's 06R-08) ROUTE: LAXX1 TRM BLH HYDDR1 FL330 Default A319 - American Airlines This time I had no problems using managed speed through takeoff, climb, and cruise. However, I did experience a problem during descent. commanded speed suddenly dropped to 181 KIAS when passing through FL280. It appears to be when it switched from MACH to KNOTS speed. The MCDU Descent speed showed .79/181. It didn't have much of a problem following the .79, but as soon as it passed FL280 it switched to 181 knots. This, of course, is way too low of a calculation. (I have always seen around 292 knots, give or take a few, during descent.) So it looks like it was right in trying to follow 181 knots, even though that calculation is wrong. I then put it in managed mode for the rest of the flight. I did also noticed I am still seeing the nosedive issue upon initial descent. Given the problems with this, I manually commanded the descent to begin around 15nm before the calculated TOD point. It initially did a dive to between 4500-4800fpm, although it eventually reduced to around 2000fpm after a few minutes. Perhaps I will try beginning the descent around 20-25 miles before calculated TOD. In any case, video, flight plan, and all log files are attached below. Thank you KLAX-KPHX.zip 20190214_181118.mp4
  3. I always manually enter my flight plans by hand directly into the MCDU, and I experience the issue.
  4. Thank you for your help! Yes as soon as the update is out I will download it, then try to re-create this flight and send over the same files. Thank you
  5. Yes, sorry. As soon as the commanded speed dropped to 198 on PFD, A/THR commanded idle thrust (apparently) in an attempt to slow to that speed. Once it did, the thrust seemed to stay at idle, hence the A/FLOOR and then a gradual descent as, I assume, the only way it could maintain that speed without stalling? As soon as it went into A/FLOOR moving the throttles would not do anything, no matter what I did. (It looks like this may be somewhat normal airbus behavior, but it should command full TOGA thrust?) I disconnected the autopilot, then tried to disconnect the autothrottle so I could recover from A/FLOOR, but the auto-throttle would not disconnect. I then reconnected autopilot and tried again. After doing that several times, while moving the throttle levers all over the place, the throttle levers finally started responding. The thrust mode changed to THR/LOCK, which I was then able to override by disconnected then reconnecting auto throttle (after moving thrust levers to idle), then I moved the lever back to the CLB detent, at which point I was able to go into selected mode, select a speed (in this case I did 290 knots), which the auto-throttle then increased the thrust until meeting that, and I was able to hold 290 knots in selected mode.
  6. Ok, so test flight number two yesterday (KDEN-KSLC) and I had no issues. Just encountered the issue now on test flight number 3: KPHX-KLAX FL300 A319CFM ROUTE: KEENS2 MESSI ESTWD HLYWD1 Takeoff and climb were rather uneventful, and the first part of cruise as well. While cruising at FL300, just before the MCGWN waypoint, the commanded speed (magenta indications on PFD) suddenly dropped to 198 KIAS. The speeds next to the waypoints on the flight plan page continued to show appropriate cruise speed and altitude, but the A/THR had other plans. (If you look at the DES page, you can see that the 198 commanded appears to be the descent speed, although it doesn't match the mach number also listed for descent.) I gave it a few minutes to see what it would do. It was very content flying that speed, and thus entered ALPHA FLOOR protection mode, while continuing to try and command 198 knots, which also resulted in a slow gradual descent (this doesn't seem right, from everything I read online when A/FLOOR mode is engaged, the A/THR should immediately command TOGA thrust? Which it didn't do.) After several attempts at disconnected and reconnecting both A/P and A/THR in order to recover from A/FLOOR mode, I was able to dial in a selected speed, which it followed. If I tried to re-engage managed speed, the wrong speed was again commanded, so I just left it an selected mode. I've attached a link to the video (too big to upload), as well as a .zip file; the zip file contains all log files, flight plan, saved flight files from after pre-flight (before takeoff), after takeoff (when everything was fine), while the problem was occurring, and then after I recovered. Hopefully this can help you shed some light on the issue. Thank you! Video Link: KPHX-KLAX.zip
  7. As luck would have it, just did test flight #2 for myself, and was all ready to take the videos, but no issues! KBUF - KDTW A319CFM FL360 Route: DONEO CUUGR1 Engaged AP/AT around 2000' AGL in managed mode, flew the entire flight just fine. No speed issues noted, and descent profile was correctly calculated. Each speed/alt restriction along the STAR was met with no problem. I'll try a third test flight later today and report back.
  8. Ok, so first test flight for me after doing clean install of, and I, too, am still seeing the issue. Test flight was in the A319-CFM American Airlines livery that is included in the installation, going from KLAX-KPHX (Rwy 6R - Rwy #8) Route: LAXX1 TRM BLH HYDRR1 P3d 4.4, Win 10. Only Addon (other than OrbX scenery) was ActiveSky was running, in live weather mode. The flight started out ok, taking off from Rwy 6, flying runway heading. The STAR includes flying runway heading, then VECTORS to first waypoint, SLI. The SLI waypoint doesn't have a speed restriction, but does have altitude restriction of 4000A. The MCDU showed 250/4000A for that waypoint. After climbing through 1500 feet, raising gear, and retracting flaps (used flaps 1 T/O), I reduced throttle lever to Climb detent, as indicated on PFD. I then manually turned heading to the right to line up with SLI, after which I entered a DTC to command in the MCDU for that waypoint. As soon as I did that and was heading towards SLI, I then pushed the altitude selector to enter managed climb mode. That is when the trouble began! Even though the MCDU CLB page showed a managed speed of 289/.78 after that point, as soon as I pushed the altitude selector, the throttle commanded a speed of 189, as seen on the magenta indications on the PFD. It stayed at that speed. I tried disconnecting and reconnecting both autopilot and auto-throttle, but no luck. I also tried going into OP CLB mode, and then back to managed, but it still wouldn't command any higher than 189. At that point I manually entered speed mode until reaching cruise at FL330. Once I was established in cruise, I decided to try managed mode one more time to see what would happen. I pushed the speed selector to enter managed speed mode, and as soon as I did...boom! Magenta command speed down to 139 knots on the PFD. The auto-throttle seemed very content following that, so I had to go back into manual speed mode to avoid a stall. When it came time for descent, I checked the MCDU and it showed a managed speed of .78/188 (which doesn't make any sense!) One interesting thing I did note, is that after completing MCDU programming on the ground, before engine starting, the DES page showed a managed speed of .78/296; that 296 makes much more sense than the 188 it was showing at cruise altitude! When I tried to enter managed descent it indeed wanted to command the speed of 188 indicated. This was from the TOD at FL330. It's almost as if it totally ignored the MACH speed, and only wanted to follow the speed in knots. The rest of the descent until landing and shutdown as managed manually. I've included a few photos as well as my AltProcess.log file, hopefully this can help get to the bottom of the issue, and if there's anything else I can do to help you to that end, please let me know. Thank you! AltProcess.log
  9. I, too, am suddenly experiencing this issue as we speak for the first time. I've completed about 100 flights or so since purchasing Airbus Professional and have not had any issues until this flight. Operating System: Windows 10 Simulator version: P3D v4.4.16.27077 Airbus version: Add-ons in use: Active Sky, OrbX Scenery, FSDT GSX System specs: Intel Core i7 4790, 16GB RAM, GTX970, Samsung SSD HD Description of the issue: I am currently flying the A319 CFM; I noticed after taking off, raising the landing gear, and retracting flaps that the speed would not go above 200 knots IAS on the PFD. The autopilot was engaged (managed climb mode), as well as autothrottle (in managed mode). I thought maybe there was a speed restriction in the SID for 200 knots, but after checking the route in the MCDU I found that there were no speed restrictions. Also, to my surprise, I noticed that the managed climb speed in the MCDU was clearly set to 299/.79, however, the autothrottle/autopilot would just not follow it. I manually selected the speed at that point. Just to try it once I reached climb (37,000 feet), I pushed the speed knob to try managed mode again, and even though the MCDU showed a programmed cruise speed of Mach .79, when I hit the button magenta speed commanded on the PFD immediately dropped to 99 knots! Are you able to reproduce the issue? This is the first flight I have had this problem on, but I will enable logging and try a few more flights over the next couple of days. Additional information (route, weights, special area where the issue occurred etc.): Route: (KPHX to KORD) - KPHX FORPE1 ABQ FTI J18 GCK J96 IRK BENKY5 (No Speed restrictions on SID) Weights: ZFW - 114,785 lbs. Taxi - 137,607 lbs. T/O - 136,409 lbs. LDGW - 123,819 lbs. 118 PAX, 5354 lbs. of Cargo, and 20,000 lbs. of Fuel on Board
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