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    • With version 1.2.4, I can only load a saved flight(that starts correctly) if I restart p3d.  I have tried switching to the default F22 before loading the saved flight. I'm om p3d v 4.5. A320 Easyjet. Can anyone please confirm if this problem exists with their setup. The flight loads but is does not respond to any commands- keyboard, mouse or joystick. The newspaper and coffee keep appearing and disappearing. Kind regards Shane  
    • Danke für den Tipp, ich habe die Grafikqualität um zwei stellen zurückgesetzt. Jetzt kann ich wieder überall fliegen.   Gruß Marko
    • That issue is solved. But another issue has come up. I will start a new post for that. Kind regards Shane
    • Yes i did Ground Traffic AESLite is used in this scenery for displaying traffic on the aprons and the airport surroundings. To avoid collision between our AESLite traffic and the default ground traffic of P3D we recommend to switch off the default ground traffic by setting the slider „Airport vehicle density“ to its left-most position   I checked the scenery files and all that are associated with AESLite are turned off Like i mean i have a large collection of airports and there all populated with ai. EDLW does not want to play ball. But as the manual says if i read correctly that i have to move the slider all the way left which tells me then i will see AI at EDLW but none at other airports.
    • Did you read the information in the manual regarding AI traffic?
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