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    • It was with great pleasure we noticed the release date for MSFS for the Xbox hardware platform.  We have great hope for that and believe it will bring Flight Simulator to many more (young) people and that is incredibly important for our hobby.  HOWEVER, at this moment we are not going to do any announcement on how/when our add-ons will be usable on that platform. The moment we have something to announce, we will do so.    Recently I did a presentation about the XBox as a platform for Flight Simulator. I will attach a PDF version of that. It should be clear that we DO see XBox as a viable platform for pretty hardcore simming.      pres3.pdf
    • For all those ( and its a lot more than 12) who have been having this problem, the main post we were all following has been removed.  So I have to start this new thread to advise all those concerned that the following message has been received from Hans Hartmann   Asobo has isolated the issue and is now working to fix it (it's not in the CRJ itself but in the code that loads the aircraft.)   Hooray for Asobo!! Dear Aerosoft - You haven't covered yourself in glory with this one, poor communication, deleting posts, not providing updates or information, not responding to legitimate questions and trying to assert that because incorrectly you thought it was only 12 customers affected it didn't matter.  Even the suggestions we put forward of where the problem was turned out to be right.  This has caused a lot of unnecessary frustration.
    • great news, Hans. Thanks for sharing as all my trial and errors were without success, resetting MSFS did not help and the repair function unfortunately triggered that I am currently downloading some 85 GB (again)...
    • hello   VERDICT....   this morning i really think that the majority of the issues are from ourself i made many test since 06h00 this morning and it is 11h30 in montreal.   i just made two flightest from CYUL to CYOW and i made it perfect. ive followed by the book all what the support told me  and also some peoples. and i am very happy with this. regarding PROFILES for the flight yoke etc....   the only very minor issue ive found is in the FMS......when we enter a plan ....there is a little white hand with a finger showing what we wanna do........specially the one behind the SPEED BRAKE were its marked CLR...if there is no finger on the little hand , it wont clear or delete the errors if we see the little finger.........it will work.   so the majority of errors wasnt made by the CRJ or AEROSOFT but by myself,    and i am very happy with it thank you lucien paquette  
    • About which Product in which Sim you are talking. Which such less info, you get only the answer to install you sim and products correct, special if you use Orbx (Insert point).
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