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  1. Hi, That's definitely not correct. Enclosed find a sample, how we at our VA would calculate your route. And with these values we always get the figures quite correct. You can see, that the pax weight matches quite closely to the value in the Q400 control panel. The small difference at pax weight arises obviously from the rounding between lbs and kg. I have defined the baggage weight as 0 kg in the settings and I enter the figure manually as we get random values from the VA when booking the flight. And the fuel consumption with the profile from the download section in that forum is pretty close to the actual consumption. Rgds Reinhard
  2. I went back to 1.28.9c and the problem is gone. It runs as stable as before. Rgds Reinhard
  3. Hi, Same here. The problem seems to be related to the map display window during the planning process. Tried the several vcredist variants. But it is not stable. Sometimes it works and sometimes it hangs. This was introduced for me with the latest hotfix. Rgds Reinhard
  4. Twin Otter ground friction.

    Hi, It's not only ground friction influencing the taxi operation. Take care for the wind. Make an experiment and taxi in wind direction and against it. You will see a big difference. Rgds Reinhard
  5. Throttle GF-TQ6

    Hi Mathijs, I am (not yet using the CRJ and I surely will buy it) but I use the GF-TQ6 (at the moment P3D 3.4 but also earlier with FSX) with a lot of airplanes and I did not find any plane, where this device did not work. I use a registered version of FSUIPC in most cases. Only a few planes need direct axis assignement via P3D (like Majestic Q400). But in all cases this device work completely according to the standard. Maybe one thing: I do not use the provided GoFlight software, as the mapping via FSUIPC works much better and provides a lot of more calibration features. Maybe this is a problem in this case. But the device is pretty sure not the problem. Rgds Reinhard
  6. VPilot

    Hi, You could also pre-file to VATSIM out of PFPX directly and in vPilot fetch the pre-filed flightplan when connected. Using that method you are also showing potential controllers earlier, that you plan to fly from/to a specific airport. The only weakness is, that with the latest hotfix of PFPX the alternate is in the remark field and you have to copy it in the pre-file form to the correct field. Hope this get fixed with the next hotfix. But no big issue. Rgds Reinhard
  7. Hi, Just select the second tab "Flight" instead of "Schedule" in the top navigation bar and you will get your window. You are simply on the wrong tab. Rgds Reinhard
  8. Hi, Could it be, that you minimized the ribbon by error (as I don't see it on your screenshot)? You should check this. I think you will get your preferred look and feel back. To your problems: Which template did you use to create your plane? Never had this problem and calculated many flights with PFPX. Is it always with the same plane type or with different one too? Rgds Reinhard
  9. Topcat Aircraft Database

    Hi, I had contact in the past with the developer, as I also asked, how to add additional aircrafts. This file is no database. It's more a compiled code of C style definitions according to the developer. It would be great, if that piece of software could be published or a open interface would be added. But obviously there are no intentions to do this. So a very valuable piece of software is quite unusable today, as many aircraft types used today are not available. But there is no chance to edit these files with available tools according to the information I got. Rgds Reinhard
  10. Change Passenger to Cargo Version. How?

    Hi, First: You must have a cargo repaint (I provided a link in my post, where you find FedEx, DHL, etc.) Then: You should check, for which model this repaint was made Then: You should install that repaint in the correct aircraft/folder Then: You should add one section in the respective aircraft.cfg choosing the cargo version of the model Just changing the model without a repaint made for this model will lead to the black/missing textures as described. Rgds Reinhard
  11. Change Passenger to Cargo Version. How?

    Hi, Replace the line: model=3bladewheelpax by model=4bladewheelcargo in your aircraft.cfg file of your 300 WHEEL version. You can install an FedEx livery for example from Rgds Reinhard
  12. Hallo, Nicht jeder Fluggast schleppt exakt 23kg (Maximalgewicht) mit sich herum. Da wird ein statistischer Wert verwendet. LG Reinhard
  13. Hi, What would be useful but is not implemented yet: The SID and STAR information should be exported to VATSIM, if you select the "Send To VATSIM" function, as the expected procedures should be filed. I always have to add this information manually - although it is included in the OFP. Rgds Reinhard
  14. Hi, Check the "Advanced" tab during planning. Here you can enter speed and altitude restrictions. Rgds Reinhard
  15. Hi, I investigated more in detail, where the problem came from on my side. I was not able to add or plan flights after the update. I did uninstall and reinstall 1.23 and it worked again. After the update the´errors returned. Also after an install of the full version 1.25 I got the same errors. The reason on my side was, that I have the PFPX Date directory not in the default location (Shared Documents) but on a network drive on my NAS to have a regular backup of my data. The update changes some structures of basic files (like airlines etc.). The update installer doesn't look for the actual setting of my data directory but installs the new files in the default location. By that the new version worked with old look-up data and produced an error therefore. I just copied now the new data from the default directory to my data directory on the network share and everything is working. So maybe you correct your update installer to take into account, that we are allowed by the program to change the data directory. Rgds Reinhard