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  2. I am going to upgrade my PC which will require a clean install of P3D 4.5 and all associated software including Simstarter NG 1.8.7 What is the best way to preserve and then re-install all of the Simstarter config files that I have so painstakingly developed over the past 3 years? (I have never had to do a reinstall since beginning to use Simstarter) I have configs for flying airliners and also configs that maximize scenery for low and slow GA. Sim Configs, Scenery Configs, Run Manager, Sim Objects, etc. Thanks
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  4. Oh, I'm sorry, I posted the wrong picture. Now looking the date in the "Database.tdb" file, it's different from the one installed in each update. When installing the update from the 'Settings' menu within 'TOPCAT', I always choose the path "E:\INSTALLED PROGRAMS SSD480\TOPCAT" and not "C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\TOPCAT", this would it be the problem? Because in the TOPCAT interface, it appears to me that I'm using the "AIRAC 1906", it's weird. The recommendation that you would make me would be to reinstall the TOPCAT completely or just update the "AIRAC" in the path of your image? Thanks Stephen.
  5. Well, here I am again. I uninstalled everything and reinstalled it under the Prepar3d addons folder. I did one flight with the A320 and today I initiate a flight with the A319 and I'm getting this issue again. I'm so tired going back and forth with these aircraft. Please any other suggestions needed, thanks.
  6. Leyó los manuales con los que viene el producto? Otro aspecto más a considerar, qué versión del Airbus es? Sólo ocurre con el A320 IAE? Tal vez si elige otra variante no exista el problema. Pdt. Edité el título para que se entienda mejor de que se trata el título.
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  8. es un Aerosoft Airbus A320 IAE y como vez en la foto, tengo el radar muerto y hay opciones apagadas, y no me deja usarlas, y porque hablo por aqui, porque en publico no me permite hablar, espero que me enseñes a solucionar este problema 

    no se por que no puedo poner una foto

    me ayudarias pls


    1. Walter Almaraz

      Walter Almaraz

      Tiene que ir a esta opción que está encerrada en rojo para crear un nuevo tópico:




  9. As I’m flying right now over JFK at 34K feet, I see my next location will be BAWLL and I’ll be there at 2322 UTC. It goes down the list like this: NEWES - 2327 JFK - 2330 RBV - 2336 DQ0 - 2345 And on down the list till I reach KATL which says I’ll be there at 1551. So I’m confused. If 2359 is one minute before midnight, 1551 will be 3:51 PM, UTC right? KBOS and KATL are in the same time zone and the flight isn’t going to take this many hours. Perhaps I’m confused. Thanks
  10. I did a thorough search but all I could find was posts in non-English. I just took off from KBOS to KATL and got a magenta T.O. Inhibit message. Why? I know set up the CDU properly. It disappeared after I was airborne and I’m flying at 34K feet now no problems. Thanks, just curious. Best regards. Jack
  11. Thanks for your input. We are likely well over a year if not two from even thinking about a A330 for FSX. Best wishes.
  12. How in G*d’s name do I STOP pushback? If I let this it’ll push back to my destination. I use the CDU’s pushback feature. So now I might have to dump everything and start all over again. Will this ever be looked at? I have to say it’s a huge frustration for me.
  13. Hallo Hermann, vielen Dank für Deine Antwort. Ich habe gedacht, dass ein gekaufter Cycle ohne Zeitlimit verwendet werden kann. Ich kann ja bereits upgedatete Aircrafts problemlos nochmals mit dem 1901 updaten. Ich bekomme auch die Bestätigung, dass z.B meine 777 oder Xplane 11 erfolgreich upgedatet wurden, obwohl die ja schon diesen Cycle hatten. Mir hätte die Aktualität von 1901 für den neuen Flieger A320 ausgereicht. Aber ich werde es versuchen, den aktuellsten Cycle zu kaufen und das Update nochmals versuchen. PS: ich habe in einem Post von Heinz folgende Aussage gelesen: "Du kannst abgelaufene Cycles ja nur local wieder laden. Und das auch nur, wenn Du ihn schon einmal heruntergeladen hast". Nachdem ich meinen neuen A320 ja auch lokal mit dem 1901 updaten wollte und wie schon erwähnt, andere Maschinen, die das Update 1901 schon hatten , nochmals erfolgreich mit upgedatet wurden, zweifle ich im Moment noch, dass das nicht gehen sollte. d.h. ich werde vorläufig noch keinen neuen Cycle kaufen, bis ich das geklärt habe!!! Gruß Peter
  14. Seems like there are still many people who uses FSX and would love to have the 330 on there, including myself. I think people have bought so many add-ons for FSX they just dont wanna leave it, so in my opinion it would be definitely worth to make it for the good old FSX, it would keep the flight sim community tight.
  15. Hi! It is currently planned that the static aircraft on each airport where they exist will be manually removable. Beyond that the imagery resolution has been discussed elsewhere already and I made it very clear that they outer coverage area (see maps) is to be understood as a nice bonus that can be deactivated in favor of FTX Global or an other scenery you may prefer there. The core are has been created semi-manually from stereo satellite imagery taken from different angles that takes into consideration that mountains have been photographed and mapped from different angles. The usual mapping providers (that have of course access to imagery that is easily 10x or more times as expensive) often offer higher resolution satellite imagery, which however looks horrible around the ridges and/or uses elevation data that simply doesn't look like the real thing - even around the world's highest mountain. Nice background story: Gathering the necessary data for Antarctica X was a lot easier than for Lukla and the surrounding area! Bests, Sascha
  16. Hallo, Seit ich den Aerosoft A320 Professional (mit dem P3D) neu installiert habe, habe ich das kleine Problem, dass die Schrift, also die Zahlen des FCU viel zu gross dargestellt werden und zum Teil auch sehr unleserlich sind. Bisher war es immer ganz normal. Kann mir vielleicht jemand helfen dieses Problem zu beheben? Adrian
  17. Hier noch zwei Screenshots von Änderungen, einmal neue Piers und Boote an Piers, dann Sonnenschirme und Strandkörbe an beaufsichtigten Sandstränden:
  18. Ok next time I'm on I will do a screen shot Thanks for your help
  19. I already fixed the speed trend a few weeks ago, so consider that done - it was indeed too jumpy, not just for the looks but especially for the CLB/DES and IAS modes. It's now a lot smoother. I'll fix the LEGS page entries and audio panels next.
  20. Hola, Le pediría que abra un nuevo tópico en el foro, explicando a detalle y qué versión del Airbus usa. Saludos, Walter
  21. For all searching about the Fly... inside the OctopusG_An-2 folder is the "an2.ini" file. Open it and change the values in the [insects] sections to your liking.
  22. tengo el mismo problema, instale el smconnect los 3 y me encendieron los monitores del medio, pero el monitor del radar sigue apagado, ayudenme por favor, tengo el a320 fsx steam edition
  23. I can't help you without a screen shot my friend. I haven't had FSX installed in quite a few years, so I can't boot up the old Airbus. If you can provide a screen shot, that would be very helpful though, just to ensure that we're on the page. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  24. It is the knob to the right of the little one labelled 1 and 2
  25. Hallo Peter. der Cycle 1901 ist nur gültig für Januar 2019. Den Cycle, den du jetzt aktuell benötigst ist 1906! Oder hast du ein Jahresabo? Gruß Hermann
  26. Which version (revision) number are you running? There were no problems with this as I recall. What do you mean "Big Switch"? Can you take a screen shot? Many thanks!
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