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  2. Are you using simStarted by any chance?
  3. @HD9113JD9456 as I already told you, Windows 7 is not supported.
  4. Secondator

    A330 CTD

    KERNELBASE.dll error could be almost anything and usually related to your windows installation rather than error being in our software. Are you able to recreate this CTD?
  5. Hello, we are aware of this issue and hopefully it gets fixed on the next update. Alternatively you can fix it yourself now by reinstalling the A330.
  6. Also please enable logging in the Configurator and if it happens again, zip the whole Data folder and post it here.
  7. Do you have the A330 installed in the same location as all your sceneries?
  8. OK I'm at cruise on my flight but it won#t go to mach speed i tell it to, just stuck 210kts and AFLOOR. I have saved the flight and restarted P3D but nothing I do doesn't do anything. Any ideas? Thanks
  9. Have you tried reinstalling the aircraft
  10. It happens when I'm on APU, GPU or ENGINES. Maybe a software but wich one ? I don't have any soft that changes lights...
  11. Please engage the parking brake as soon as the aircraft stops and see if that works. There might be a delay with the message and the A330 engines are very powerful so that they will move the aircraft forward on light weights even on idle thrust.
  12. Has this been updated or that will be included in
  13. I am having the exact same issue as Miguel. His Video at 5:13 you can see that the engine is spooling, but N3 sits at roughly 33% and there is no fuel being used (FF @ 0). I am using GSX Level 2, but have tried the normal pushback too, disabling GSX. The engines spool and respool (you can here them trying to ignite) but nothing happens. The only way I can get to start is to Ctrl+E and then the EGT and FF start to work. I have had the issue on initial install, and on I have also followed this post to uninstall completely, re-installed to and still have it.
  14. Do you have any battery power to the aircraft? Could also be that your light effect files have been replaced by some other software which alters the sims default files for whatever reason..
  15. Try to select the "FUEL" page then press the "RCL" button for about 3 sec. This works for me. Regards Charly
  16. Yes, to simulate the viewing angle of the pilot
  17. We'll have a look into this. Thanks for reporting
  18. Secondator


    Currently it's not possible to sync the Captain and FO QNH settings.
  19. Can you post a screenshot of the "Help | About..." window of your P3D, please?
  20. After activating the "Wide View Aspect Ratio" in P3D, the views of the different panels look better. That some of them are arranged diagonally is a design feature against the thumbnail? Wolfgang
  21. Hey all, In the A330 paintkit, I see the tailfin is split and a part has to be moved a bit up. I believe this is due to the rudder and I fully understand this concept, however, this makes it hard to add new livery (for example, I cannot add the SAS logo on the tail). Do you guys know any good solution to get this perfectly aligned? Thanks!
  22. In real life there is not AUTO STEP CLIMB on boeing or airbus each pilot have to request for the next level
  23. Meine Ultimate ist auch wieder für den Flugbetrieb freigegeben. Ich musste allerdings Flight Factor anschreiben, mit der Bitte, die Ultimate frei zu schalten. Hat wie immer super geklappt. Nach 20 Minuten kam die Antwort, dass mein Code wieder genutzt werden kann! Gruß Hermann
  24. I have reinstalled the A333 and unfortunately the pushback numbers are still missing. For comparison the pushback options in the A319. Ideas why that might be? Wolfgang
  25. Affirm. The GSX message of starting the engines after pushback is pretty unrealistic in most cases. This would be the case only the apron was icy and very slippery. But most of the times even though the tempearture is on the plus side and weather is completely clear, GSX still advises you to wait with the engine start due to icing conditions. So I usually just tend to ignore it.
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