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  2. Thanks Dave! You are one of the main reasons why I love Aerosoft! Attached is a photo of what i'm inquiring about in my previous thread. Thank you again for your help! Maybe this is a p3d v4 issue, which is unsolvable. Roger Repasky
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  4. That is a Shader issue. We don't recommend the use of third party shaders with the Airbus. If you're not using any third party shaders, did you delete the P3D shaders after updating P3D? Best wishes.
  5. This is a fairly common procedure - which many of us old-timers do so automatically that we don't realise it could be a stumbling block to some. In your aircraft.cfg, each livery will have an entry - starting with [fltsim.0]. These all need to be sequential, so the next block of values for the next aircraft should start with [fltsim.1] ... and so on. If you already have a fair few liveries added, then your new [fltsim.x] entry should be the last entry plus one. It sounds to me like you may have a mistake in the numbering <?>. If there's a mistake, the sim processes all the entries up to the mistake - so you still get the original ones showing. Adam.
  6. Started over again and it seemed to work this time. Hit a glitch somewhere, very odd. Also this was from a Cold and Dark start via the C&D menu option.
  7. FMGC gives the optimum speed. If you want something different i suggest pulling speed and selecting your desired one.
  8. Hi The check lists stop after a go around and clean up
  9. Hi Aaron, I know this thread is quite old now, but just wanted to ask if you ever resolved this issue, and how? Several weeks ago I began having this issue, and I haven't been able to specify the issue because in between the issue happening and not happening, I did quite a few updates to the software and hardware (new HDD). Since then, I think that I've only been able to do one successful flight. Also, this ONLY happens when I am using my PC for Prepar3d. I have removed the HDD to still end up with a crash, updated all the drivers, did a deep clean of nearly all the hardware, and much more. Hopefully your experience could help me solve this, I am suspecting maybe the PSU to be the culprit? Thanks! One last thing, several years ago in 2016 when I first got my computer (similar to your situation), I began having this issue. I solved it after reading somewhere to restrict the CPU power usage to a max of around 85%. That worked then but I'm unsure if this is related, yet both had the exact same symptoms. - Aku
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  11. Hi Just a quck question .. is there a way to set a holding speed ? would like to select 220 knots over for example Timba at Gatwick .. i selct 220 at the hold but the hold wants 205 . Thanks rich
  12. Michael2

    Cargo door

    In another thread, since locked, it was claimed that being able to operate the cargo door without electrical or hydraulic power was an error. In fact the manual (the real one, not the abridged one supplied with the product) states that the door may be operated hydraulically with a hand pump if normal system hydraulic power is not available. So it is correct that you can open and close the door when the aircraft is cold and dark.
  13. I'm having problems with the hydraulics system not working. The aux pump works to some extent but once I turn that off the normal hydraulic systems will not work even with bypass turned off. Result is I can't retract flaps or gear and can't control the trim.
  14. Thanks for the clarification. My NavData is provided by Navigraph, so I can see why a new airport is not visible in the Fuel Planner.
  15. Does anyone have an idea why the Aerosoft A321 Cockpit is very dark in Cold&Dark Mode, cant see anything.
  16. You sre most welcome Roger. If you'll be good enough to provide a few screen shots, we can have the graphics artist take a look. He is presently finishing a different product so it may take a while for him to take a look at this, but he's the right guy to evaluate this. Best wishes!
  17. Hi Dave, I use tomatoshade but am not entirely sure that it is the issue. I found that the nav lights have similar brightness levels/bloom with and w/o the shaders. I guess what I am after is an effect similar to the previous airbus x extended package fsx/p3d v3 where the nav light is barely visible but still casts light splashes similar to a real world nav light if you had a wing view. The QW 787 is a good representation of this feature. The nav lights stay the same level of brightness throughout the day and have no bloom at all. They still cast light during night on the ground. So I guess I am just trying to make the effect as a whole smaller. Thank you for your quick response Dave! Roger Repasky
  18. Hello Roger, Are you using any third party shaders? This has been the cause of that particular anomaly in the past.
  19. Das werde ich mal ausprobieren. Danke für den Tipp.
  20. I have installed Lukla scenery to both FSX-Accel and P3D4.5. It looks fine in FSX, but there are black patches all over the surrounding area in P3D 4.5. I have attached a top-down view. P3D 4.5 running on Windows 7-64 Pro. I have Orbx FTX Global Base and Global Vector.
  21. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Getting exclusive de-icing treatment at Trondheim Airport, Værnes located 12 miles east of Trondheim, Norway Thank you for viewing!! Stay tuned for next exciting flight. Regards, Aharon
  22. I'm running a lower spec PC (e.g. 1060) and the frame rates have been pretty good (25-30) given the complexity However the scenery does take a minute or so to settle when you load it up. Initial frame rates are very low. Again, as is seeming becoming the norm it's a huge download. The documentation I think is poor. In the past sceneries haven't had a huge level of complexity and therefore the documentation hasn't always been critical. In this case between the orthos, the seasons and the configuration tool there are a lot of variables in the set up. Personally I think it could have been made a lot clearer. Generally on performance issues once you have the basic game settings and then add to it performance for the scenery life can get complex. For some the challenge of getting the right balance will be interesting, for others it could be less enthralling. One other issue is the large numbers of marshallers touting for business at ever empty gate (in the cargo area in places it looks like a dance party) which looks anything but realistic. If there's a setting to thin them out I've yet to find it.
  23. Hello, I am enquiring if it is possible to tune down the NAV light brightness. At night, the green and red lights illuminate the whole sharklet/winglet. I attempted to tweak the X and Y scales of the light effects with no success. If anyone has any insight I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks, Roger Repasky
  24. For Zurich and Tegel I can‘t say it at the moment, this are Padlabs (Aerosoft sister company) products and this Installers have never changed to the actual technique of the Installer used yet for actual Professional Products. They also not used the new add-on.xml System of P3D, still the old Scenery Library, so it is possible, that only the P3D\Ecosystem\Aerosoft Folder is possible. I must check this tomorrow.
  25. The older installers don’t support this new outside simroot folder install. As workaround you can place a copy of the the Prepar3D.exe in your new location.
  26. So sorry, with Zurich and Tegal Pro...are you saying i can install to the D Drive or i cant? The issue was on changing the path from C to the D Drive it then stops me and says it cant find P3Dv4 so im unable to install it onto a drive that stores all my other material at the moment...
  27. Ich lade es gerade mit Edge runter und es funzt. Da weiß ich nicht, was bei deinem Rechner falsch läuft. :-((
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