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  2. mopperle

    APU Fuel Burn?

    Hans is ill at the moment. So it might take a while.
  3. The you posted in the wrong section, as this section if for Aerosoft A3xx Professional for P3Dv4 only. But anyway, the version 1.31 you downloaded is the latest version for FSX and P3D up to version v3
  4. flycln

    APU Fuel Burn?

    When will we see that fix? Any idea yet?
  5. Today
  6. I'm very frustrated with Xplane to a point I ought to delete and install till now I'm having this error, where can I re-activate it from Thanks
  7. Könnte auch schon früher klappen, 19:30...19:45 Uhr. Soll ich mich bei Dir melden, wenn ich so weit bin?
  8. Ich habe heute eine email bekommen. SkyMaxx Pro v4.8 Update! A free update for you Habe ich installiert und jetzt macht der RealWeatherConnector_1.1 Ärger. Lässt sich nicht mehr installieren. Steigt mit dieser Meldung aus: There has been an error. Skymaxx Pro v3.1.1 or greater is required.....................................................und so weiter Weiß jemand Rat?
  9. Yesterday I tried to startup my CRJ 700, and disconnect the GPU/Aircart. Nothing happened, Dave froze, couldn't do anything in Dave concerning GroundServices. I tried the tips in tht post below, but nothing worked (Since this was a post from 2017 I post this topic again in a new post...) Any solutions? Greetz, Maarten
  10. Die Standard Baron finde ich auch in Ordnung, wenn auch der AP von der VS-Funktion her besser ausgelegt sein könnte. Den Teamspeaker habe ich gerade eingerichtet, scheint zu funktionieren. Flugroute habe ich keine bestimmte im Sinn. Da es bei mir in erster Linie um den Lerneffekt geht, hätte ich nichts gegen Paderborn-Münster-Dortmund einzu wenden. Ich rufe mal um 20:30 h auf deinem Handy an. Bis nachher, Rolf
  11. Shalom and greetings all my pals, Presenting real world Braniff service from SKBO El Dorado International Airport located in the Fontibón district of Bogotá in Colombia to SEQU old Mariscal Sucre International Airport located in the northern part of the city in the Chaupicruz parish within 5 minutes of Quito's financial center Starting engines!! Dig beautiful color! Check out the cool needle on top of the tail! Starting long taxi to short of runway 13R Entering into taxiway S Entering into taxiway M yep very long taxi! Still taxiing Entering into runway 13R for take off Airborne on climb to FL340 although Google earth map show NO evidence of two lakes next to runway 31R Wing view of Fontibon suburb of the city Nose view of La Paz suburb of the city where you can see above the plane green park callled Abraham Lincoln!! Still on climb to FL340 Making little left turn adjustment to head to GIR and the destination Nice view of engines!! Passing SKME Lieutenant Colonel Luis Francisco Pinto Parra Air Base located in Melgar, Collombia Passing Sumapaz river that is considered one of the hundred natural wonders of the world Intercepting GIR and passing snow-capped peaks of Los Nevados National Park You can see Pacific ocean! You can tell that you are getting closer to the destination when ground begins to rise higher even though the plane is still at FL340 Don't you love the functioning flaps of the engines? Do not know what it is called! Wing view of entire city of Quito Passing Quito where you can see the airport of destination in middle of the city Check out shiny chrome rings around the engines with background view of the city Time to make right 180 degree turn! When you see AHEAD mountainous forests and volcano of La Tola suburb of Quito, you know it is TIME to make right 180 degree turn toward the airport!! Now on straight final runway path to runway 13R that would take you across city to runway Approaching to pass city toward runway Passing La Paz suburb of Quito (why do South American cities have so many suburbs with same name La Paz?) Passing four star Hotel Quito Still on final runway approach Passing Atahualpa Olympic Stadium with capacity of 35,724 Passing Policia Nacional stadium Seconds before touchdown TOUCHDOWN with background view of Tame maintenance hangar Front landing gear gliding down slowly Front landing wheels making runway contact Exiting from runway into taxiway E toward gate Passing a pair of C-130s Passing cargo hangars Heading to gate 10 Arriving at gate 10 Thank you for viewing. Stay tuned for next exciting flight Regards, Aharon
  12. Are you talking about the Airbus for FSX or P3Dv4? The version 1.31 is for FSX and P3Dv3 only!
  13. Hello Secondator Thanks you for this information. Very good I just downloaded the update version of 320-321 Info: Airbus A320 / A321 - Version 1.31 Cordially Jacques GOMEZ
  14. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  15. I simply can not recreate your problem. You are obviously using a camera tool and I getr the feeling that the problem is being caused by that tool. Turn it off, load an aircraft at ENGM, pan around and see what happens.
  16. Die Meldung GPS PRIMARY sagt aus, dass sich das IRS, alle 3 Systeme mit der die A350 ausgestattet ist, ausgerichtet hat und das Flugzeug nun korrekt navigieren kann. Löschen kann man die Meldung mit der CLR Taste. Das dritte MCDU, aber allgemein das FMGS, haben derzeit keine SID/STAR Implementierung, weswegen du die A350 manuell auf den ILS GS bringen musst. Gruß
  17. Sorry for my writing........It is a departure and i fly it manually
  18. Just notice today after landing Kopenhagen, and shut down engines (A321 CFM) there is no shutdown sounds at all... After looking (listening) Dave's video I notice there is never was those sounds (32bit busses it was). P3Dv4.3 and v4.4 client Aibus version No saved situations at startup The file, A and B is present into folder. Would volume level do this? I have engines volume below 50% into P3D settings.
  19. I just had this happen again today. Flight is RPLL-RPMD. Happened at cruise FL350 (route: IPATA2P IPATA B462 MASBA W9A BN W9 RIMAR MAR1). TAT is -14C from ASP4.
  20. Unfortunately not. Mathijs told me on March 9th of 2018 that he would send me an installer to test, more than one full year and nothing...
  21. I often use PBD to facilitate approaches...... In this case you can use KLO/232/10
  22. I tried installing it with the standard install method, and the same problem occurs. Most likely a AFCAD, but can't come up with an idea of where this interfering file is..
  23. You can enable experimental updates on the updater through configuration menu. Remember to restart the updater so the experimental updates get enabled.
  24. HeyIs version already released, my updater still indicates that version is the correct version.thank you very much
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