Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  2. Du bist ein Held!!! ZeeMan90, ich habe überall immer nur gelesen, dass man die Nose Wheel Axis auf YAW stellen muss in der Zibo, was bisher auch immer funktionierte. Nun aber habe ich sie auf On gestellt und es funktioniert wieder! Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe. Viele Grüße Copilot
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  4. Thanks for all the advice Dave! I will experiment this weekend! I didn’t even think about my monitor as a potential culprit. Have a great weekend and happy flights! Roger Repasky
  5. There's definitely a problem with pressurization. When I descend cabin altitude continues to increase instead of decrease.
  6. All went well, Steve. Only thing I'm seeing now is an inability within PFPX to add a CI value for A319 liveries. Thoughts?
  7. Actually, either MCDU can signal the alignment. It's not necessary to do it on both. Also, the PDs and NDs are fully syncronized Something must have gone wrong with your install, a P3D issue, or their are some Windows issues or other systemic issue going on. I think the best to do is to ask you to put in a support ticket and have one of our specialists take a look at this with you by going to My very best wishes for a quick resolution.
  8. Thank you for your response. The FPS was about 30 to 50 for both the PF side and the PM side. Also, I changed the P3D version to V4.5, but there was no change in symptoms. I solved the problem that PFD and ND display are not synchronized by the following method. Is this method correct? 1. The PF side initializes the IRS with the CDU on the PF side. 2. The PM side initializes the IRS with the CDU on the PM side. Also, PFD was synchronized, but there is a difference in speed and altitude between the PF side and the PM side. (Speed is about 4 knots, altitude is about 300 feet difference) Is this a known issue?
  9. Sorry it was a bit late i just posted that quickly ... I was in the Easy jet A320 (one that comes with the Airbus pro) , the flight was going well and all check lists had been compleated , i then hit a little turbulance on short final and had to go around so i advanced the throttles and the go around check lists were compleated up to when the Aircraft was cleaned up and in level flight ... at that point there was no further Check list calls so every action till touchdown was done manually by myself. thanks Rich
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  11. I was guided by the Aerosoft staff Dave. But if I’d seen your sig earlier I would have taken up the invite. 😉
  12. It seems perfect for me - thanks! Gaz
  13. This is really odd, and maybe down to the new P3D version. I use GSX for boarding passengers, cargo and fuel, but for some reason it left PAX at 0 (it always has for me - graphically). I used to work because you could see so many passengers getting on/off the plane, but now - it's very quick now as though they only have one person getting on. The aircraft movement makes it feel light as we 'fly'... I understand that if you are using GSX, it will prevent your aircraft from boarding at all - GSX or not. How do you get it to load properly? Gaz
  14. Hi, I just arrived in LSZH at Gate A45 and invoked the GSX2 menu. I requested de-boarding and for a Jet bridge it states : "NO JET BRIDGE CAN OPERATE AT THIS POSITION". The jet bridge also does not move with shift+J. What seems to be the problem here? Thanks for help
  15. Thanks Tom. Dave has been in touch and I’ve emailed him the details. It’s a mistake I am unlikely to repeat.
  16. Die Sache mit dem 'Schrott-PC'. Dein altes System war kein Schrott, es war nur nicht optimal für X-Plane. Den alten zu upgraden wäre um die 350 € teuer gewesen und hätte fast dasselbe Ergebnis gebracht (die neue CPU ist nun etwas schneller).
  17. Email traffic on the general address "info (at)" is quite high and due to that there can always be delays in response. For any kind of customer assistance you can also use "support (at)" or Support also has the advantage that it is not necessarily bound to the regular office hours (as they stated on page Oliver linked) because they are practically located all over the world, even working on weekends.
  18. Well, if other applications beside SIMstarter also find your P3Dv4 running, then SIMstarter is just one of many applications on your machine coming to the same conclusion. You said, that you checked with the task manager. Have you displayed "More Details" to see not only running applications but also all running processes? It is very well possible that "Prepar3d.exe" is running and shown among all running processes but not among running applications. If the problem also occurs after a reboot there must be something in your autostart that starts the P3D executable.
  19. Von welcher Airbus Version genau sprichst du. Der Airbus X ist älter als uralt.
  20. Thanks Dave. I've written to your email address explaining things. Hopefully a satisfactory resolution can be reached.
  21. There was, and I forwarded it to our Program Manager. Given how SimBrief handles activation of each AIRAC, we are looking at how to program the access, license check, and data transfer. Once we know it can be done on our systems, it will be put in the work load to be done - which means that if compatible with our system (most likely it is, but we moved to a brand new system last year so it has to be evaluated) that unfortunately means that we won't see a change to this overnight. I'll try and get you an update as soon as this has been looked at. Best wishes!
  22. That is very kind of you to say Roger, and while I appreciate having someone acknowledge my work it is also true that many others are Aerosoft deserve praise ahead of me, particually our back end corporate staff and our Moderators who work each day to keep this terrific company running and supporting our customers. Looking at your screen shot, I'm also certain this is either a shader issue or monitor calibration issue. Right now I have some beta software installed on my computer which effects how Nav Lights are shown, but I'll remove it this weekend and will take a few screen shots of what the Airbus Nav Lights are supposed to look like on your system. In the meantime my friend, I would ask you to double check the removal of shaders and to use a freeware program called Calibrize to check your graphics card calibration, but before you do that I would run your monitors calibration which should be available via push buttons on the monitor. If we're still looking at issues after that, I'll happily have our graphics artist take a look. Thank you again for the very kind words, and have a terrific weekend!
  23. Ray, I'm sorry for any inconvenience, but as we've posted numerous times in our forums, emails to Aerosoft can sometimes take 3 working days or more before a response is received. This is why our forums are the first line and most immediate for of support. Our program manager and CEO are both on extended travel, and they are the ones who monitor the particular email address you cited. Additionally, I may be mistaken but believe I read a statement in the banner of our website last week notifying customers to no longer use, but I'm no longer able to see it. If there was a change I must have missed the email about it and I'll make sure our Contact Aerosoft webpage is updated next week (as a German based company, the weekend has already started). I am happy to try and assist you. I will PM you my Aerosoft email address. Looking forward to hearing back from you.
  24. I’m not asking for an immediate resolution but I would have expected an acknowledgment. Silence is never a good sign. Hopefully I’ll hear from Mathijs on Monday or perhaps Tuesday if there is a holiday on Monday.
  25. Jetzt mal ein Tipp in Englisch vom Forum in! I Frequently Asked Questions I can't engage A/T - switch not hold in arm position, what I must do? - Fill OAT on "N1 limit" page. For ex. /5 (dash five) for 5 degrees C. Tips: You can use autofill OAT - press N1 Limit button and 1LSK. Hoffe, das hilft weiter
  26. It should not be a question of money you spent, it‘s more first-in first-out question. And as you request a refound for a mistake, Aerosoft is not responsable for, such a good will decision normaly not made by the Customer Service, they need to ask the Management first, that can take time. As we have weekend, before monday you can not expect an answer.
  27. Ja, habe ich gemacht. Auch die N1 Seite habe ich entsprechend ausgefüllt und im MCP habe ich beide Flightdirector angestellt.
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