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  2. THX so much Request Paint Thai Airasia X livery ,Thank you very much
  3. No. The detailed technical data and information necessary to do one to the level of the current A3xx series is unobtainable from Airbus. As Mathijs and others have stated in the past, even line pilots flying the A350 don't have access to the necessary data.
  4. I got the A330 and really enjoy the immersion of the checklists, my only annoyance is that it will automatically turn on taxi lights for before taxi checklist and landing lights (and t.o) during before takeoff checklist. Those are not required and real life and only use prior to taxi and prior to take off. If I am doing checklist but I will havent taken off I dont need them on.
  5. Similar happened to me on VATSIM couple of days ago. Still quite a distance away, but still pretty cool to run into other peeps (not literally)
  6. Today
  7. Is there any plans for development of Aerosoft A350-9/1000 Varients ?
  8. Ok, I'm going to re fly the route again tomm morning and see how it goes.
  9. Throttles do no work if I start P3D v4.5 HF2 with Simstarter NG. Throttles do work if I start P3D without using Simstarter. I know this has been previously reported in the Aerosoft Bus Professional (64 bit, P3D V4) forum which Mathis acknowledged and stated the issue has been passed on to you. Any idea of what's causing the issue and when there might be a fix?
  10. I think someone is doing Hawaiian....I thought I saw something just a page or 2 back.... Last update for this weekend....need to get ready for a busy work week. I'll work more on this one when I can, and wrap up Cathay and Qantas.
  11. okay, thanks for telling me that, enjoy flying with my livery
  12. It's my pleasure. I just have one small issue. After applying a profile (region) simstarter NG is corrupting my p3d v4.cfg. Once P3D v4 loads to the menu, trying to access the airport menu leads to a delay in loading the airport menu. The only way to avoid the delay in loading the airport menu is is to replace the p3d v4.cfg with my backup. Is there a way to disable SIMStarter NG to not touch my p3d v4 cfg? I don't even touch the Sim ConfigSet section and it corrupts the cfg with the previous flight profile or master profile. I have not created any profiles. Do you recommend that I create a profile? Come to think of it, I have not tried that yet. Thanks.
  13. Is it possible to change suggested the views that are on top of the screen. I would much rather like to have the wing view which is more realistic to what passengers have than the engine view which is from a to low position you could never have that view with a camera. Sadly unlike 99% of the other add ons for p3dv4 the wing view is under "outside" instead of "aircraft" or own views. So I always have to switch between "Spot" and "Wing View" using the mouse instead of just the switch at the Sidestick.
  14. yes i think it was cut and i'm sorry for that i'll try to get it again
  15. Once again, the checklist for descent preparation was not triggered by my flight, also the approach and landing checklists were not working. I don't know what am I doing wrong that prevents the checklists from starting. I landed the flight without the checklists but would like to know why these checklists are so intermittent. In the many YouTube videos on the AeroSoft A319, especially the one by Q8 Pilot in which he used the automated checklists and they worked just fine. I am puzzled. Anyone else having issues with the checklists?
  16. There is no brake fan in the A330 that we modeled, the message is from old code that we'll likely be removing. I don['t see the message in question in your screen shot... did it get cut off? If you still have it, I would love to see that message as I reported the same thing during the Beta but could not find the screen shot I took of it.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Greetings, I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday: DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF. Overall, a very nice experience. I did observe some minor issues with the autoflight system that were a little irritating: As I got close to EDDF, I flew the UNO25S RNAV approach inbound to RW 25L from the UNOKO fix. As I was passing through UNOKO, IBVIL, and MANUV, the aircraft "overshot" UNOKO a little bit, and kept veering off course to try and turn back around to hit UNOKO again, rather than just continuing on toward IBVIL or even MANUV. I had to manually intervene by pressing the HDG knob and selecting a heading toward MANUV. It was not a major issue, but the aircraft seemed to have a bit of trouble with getting itself back on course smoothly if it overshot a fix in a series where several of them were close together. I was using real-time weather fed in from AS P3Dv4, and the conditions near EDDF were very windy and rainy at the time. So I think the weather was a factor in the aircraft getting off course just a bit. Perhaps the real thing also behaves this way, I'm not sure. But it seems like the autoflight system could perhaps handle this situation a little better? Just wondering. Also, a question: does the weather radar only show on the left side ND? Or did I miss a switch or setting somewhere to enable it on the right side ND, as well? I only got weather on the left side ND during my flight. I have version installed currently, but will plan to update to later today. Thanks for making a great product overall, really enjoying it so far. Will love it even more once all the little initial bugs get sorted.
  19. I would like to request Hawaiian Airlines N380HA
  20. AGC chart for Malmo ESMS is blank, all other charts for Malmo are working.
  21. Is there any way to smooth out he SPD and ALT Tape on the PFD. Thanks Randy
  22. Just wanted to +1 this issue: I took my maiden flight in the A330 yesterday, DLH469 from KAUS to EDDF. I have version installed. (Will update to later today.) Overall, the flight was very nice experience. However, I did notice the same issue as reported above: for a good portion of the flight, the EFOB prediction in the MCDU was stuck at -0.5 for me. It slowly corrected itself as I got closer to EDDF, but still, this behavior seems very off. I landed at EDDF with just a bit under 10t of fuel.
  23. Still CTDs on the links or docs.
  24. Es gibt für Linda eine neue A330 pro Beta! Die alte A3xxx ist für den Airbus 330 wohl nicht optimal.
  25. First of all congratulations for the release of the A330 it is truly a very welcome addition to my hanger. Just some problem that me and my friend encountered. INTEG lights cause simulator to pause Parking brake does not set for both of us engines don't start for both us MCDU/sync displays. What does it do? APU, AC panel, Batteries don't display properly Tables don't extend The printer does not print radios display don't switch on or off MCDU is very buggy in regards to the display This is only how the aircraft behaves under shared cockpit. Other wise when using it as a single pilot it's perfect
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