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  3. 72westy

    Wing Sweep

    Could you describe this? I have this issue. Nothing is sweeping the wings open unless I check mark 'Cold and dark' After doing that I continue to have no control over flaps or wings. WTH... Using an X-56 and did not have this issue with the 2.02 version in P3Dv3.4.22.19868
  4. 72westy

    Repaint issue

    It's the aircraft.cfg entry once you add the repaint be sure that the new entry has after sim=..... P3D
  5. Update: For anyone with this issue it's related to repaints created for FSX/FSX SE not for P3Dv3+ The fix is to go into the aircraft.cfg file (P3D F14 once installed) and check the repaint entry and be sure to add 'P3D' at the end of.... sim=
  6. Yesterday
  7. Some users told me EDDK is GPU heavy when the aircraft is close to the terminal or standing directly in front of it - otherwise they got normal FPS.
  8. I did another flight this afternoon with no sound issues. I started the flight in C&D. We've covered most everything that I can think of or know about except the following: 1. If you're using EZDoc, please disable in your add-ons.dll file and re-test. 2. If you're using a saved flight to start up with, this could easily cause the issue you're experiencing as older saved flight files are not compatible with the latest revision of the Airbus. 3. If you were using P3Dv4.3 or 4.4, and only updated the P3D Client, please update the other installation files. Though I'm not certain, this is looking more and more important to do for P34Dv4.5 from my perspective. 4. After you've addressed items 1 through 3 above (and tested if necessary) and the sounds still aren't correct, then you can move to this step. Please, PLEASE don't do Step 4 without addressing items 1 through 3 (this is IMPORTANT). Aircraft Startup files (the asc files) are the ones that deal with sound. I'm providing you guys with the most up to date sound related files we have for you guys to test. Unzip the downloaded file and you'll find a text instruction file and the replacement folders. Be sure to DELETE the existing folders rather than copying them over with new files. Give them a test and hopefully all will be resolved for you guys. You can download the sound files from my Dropbox at: Sound Test I will have to remove this file as soon as you two have downloaded it, so please let me know when you've got it. Best wishes!
  9. So is this getting the TOPCAT treatment? Development abandoned, bugs left, sales continued?
  10. Hallo, im Ordner des Installierten Airports "Aerosoft - EDDK - Cologne Bonn - 01 - Airport" gibt es einen Ordner "Documentation". Da gibt es ein Handbuch/Manual (PDF Format) in dem genau beschrieben ist, wie man die Saisonalen Texturen installiert, damit sie mit TerraMaxx funktionieren. Gruß heinz
  11. If I can throw in my two cents worth, its better to use the keyboard. That's how I do it: Ctrl. + Shift + V to open cowl flaps (you can press the V once for one notch, or keep it pressed to open more, etc.) Ctrl. + Shift + C to close This has worked for me flawlessly all these years. Its very practical and easy. (BTW these are default keymappings of FSX) Best of luck. Khalid
  12. Hello, I just renewed my subscription for next one year and I noticed, that METAR is not showed nor on the iPAD version, nor on the PC version? But it is still on your list of features. Is any problem in application there? I noticed, that one member here on the forum had the same problem one year ago. Thank you for your answer and solution With Regards Jiri Steinbach
  13. As far as I know, we are cautiously optimistic that the issue has been resolved in the latest version. Those who see this issue should ensure that the Airbus was unistalled and any remaining folders are removed, reboot, and then run the installer as Admin with computer security disabled. I'm one of those who have never had this issue. Best wishes!
  14. Do you know which paint is causing issues? I've used GL paints for some time now, but manually install and one has to pay attention to which model Tomcat they are going into. I'm on P3D4.4 also.
  15. I didn't read "managed speed bug" fixed in the changelog... so I think it's still there
  16. Mark Crabtree Flight Student - Groundwork members 20 posts Report post Posted Wednesday at 08:41 PM Has shown no managed speed issues using 319, 320 and 321. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you mean that with version has been resolved the sudden speed drop in managed mode climb? It is not my case and I believe that the attached logfile proved it. The issue continues on study or should it be assumed that it has already been resolved? Regards Josemari LEPP
  17. It's always a good idea to start the sim (as well as install add-ons) as Administrator. It sounds from your last sentence that you're manually starting it that way. If so, you can have the executable always start with Administrator settings. Right click on your FSX.exe, then select "Properties", and then the Compatibility tab. Check the "Run this program as Administrator" box, then "Apply", "OK", and then close the dialog box. Your FSX is in a correct folder, so the only other question I have is to know more about is "I selected a self created file for the installation." What's this self created file you noted?
  18. This worked! Thank you. I'll try to figure it out on other flight plans. I just use routefinder ( Wolfgang, may I ask how you came up with that alternative route?
  19. Hello Bjoern, that is strange, because I have tested with the big Frankfurt XP Airport, Berlin, HDMesh V4.... No difference in Frames with Köln Bonn. What do you have done exactly with your installation? Can you send the new Log.txt to us here. Delete at first the Log.txt from the installed X-Plane 11 folder. Then start X-Plane 11, load Köln Bonn and close X-Plane 11. Then send the new Log.txt file.
  20. For some reason, when I install this livery, the virtual cockpit is missing the panel backing on the top left and right where the chrono and side stick priority are located. Everything else looks great and functions fine but it's driving me crazy just seeing the black spaces on the panels. Any suggestions?
  21. @Heinz Flichtbeil did all of that u suggested with no success. yes, GTX980 has only 4GB but I do not have any issue with massive addons like ORBX True Earth GB / Aerosoft London. I assume, the moving doors and passengers are impacting. Any option to disable those?
  22. Ja ich hab gerade gesehen das bei Notebooksbilliger es einen neuen Rechner gibt der gerade neu ins Sortiment aufgenommen wurde. Der kostet 300 Euro weniger und hat viel bessere Teile drin. Aber im großen und ganzen ist ein neuer Rechner eigentlich sinnvoll weil meiner sehr alt ist. Und frisch von vorne anzufangen schadet ja nicht. Das ich sehr schnell handel ist nicht gut aber naja will schnell wieder fliegen können. Der PC von airway pirat ist ja auch nicht so dolle für die heutigen Verhältnisse, aber er kann dennoch ordentlich fliegen. Das man nicht auf höchster Einstellung fliegen kann ist klar, das will ich auch nicht, aber es soll dennoch gut aussehen. Ich schicke den extra RAM zurück, probiere den neuen Rechner aus werde berichten ob es was genützt hat. Dennoch ist extrem assozial das man für einen schlechteren Rechner mehr zahlt und plötzlich steht einer drin für günstiger und besseren Komponenten. Mein jetziger PC läuft sonst einwandfrei auch andere anspruchsvolle Sachen schafft er in Ordnung also so wie es die Daten her geben. Wenn die Fehlerquelle bei X-Plane 11 liegt dann weiß ich nicht wo ich schauen soll, denn ich nutze ja wie gesagt kaum Addons und es ist sehr überschaubar installiert alles ist da wo es sein muss. Virenprogramme sind keine vorhanden und Windows Defender ist extra ausgeschaltet sowie andere Programme beendet. Wenn ihr noch Tipps habt wo mögliche Fehlerquellen liegen können dann immer her damit.
  23. Path: E:\fsx I got 2 drives on my PC C and E. The one I selected for the fsx installation was E . Also I selcected a self created file for the installation. But to start the fsx I have to start it as an admin.
  24. That explains why here in the US the "Professional" version is unknown. The fact that it's localized (meaning in a language other than English) might be part of the issue. I'll provide a couple of links to the two service packs, and before you install them, ensure you have a good backup of your FSX installation in case there's an issue with the service pack and your FSX version. SP1: SP2: From this site, you can select the SP associated with your FSX installation. I suggest trying this one first. If you already have SP1, the installer will proceed. If you don't, it will tell you that you need SP1 and that way you'll know you need it. Also, please read all the notes in the website the link takes you to, so you don't create any new issues. As I've asked before, please reply with the full path to your FSX installation, so we can isolate any UAC issues.
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