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  2. Dear @yvesamuel, If what you are looking for is the funtion of the FMS to automatically limit your speed at a certain threshold - usually 250kt below 10000' AAL - you have that option in the vertical revision page. To access vertical revision page simply click on one of the right LSKs related to any climb or descend waypoint. This will open the vertical revision page for that waypoint. Here you will find, among other options, CLB SPD LIM or DES SPD LIM that can be edited for your needs. In your particular case I assume you wanna use 240/14300. Just as additional info, 4300ft airfield is not considered an high altitude yet. Usually thats for 8000'+ Have a great day!
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  4. Anyone know what might be causing this? I just downloaded the latest versions from Simmarket today and each installer (A318/19,A320/21,A330) runs through the install procedure but hangs. During this time P3D gets launched. Once I kill the P3D process, the AS installer completes. Everything seems to installed, but the addon.xml does not make it into the library -- so the aircraft will not show up in the sim. I'm installing as admin and have my AV turned off. Just to update: I can add the xml files manually and all aircraft appear in the sim and load up just fine. Still, such an odd problem -- never seen it before.
  5. Not working for me. Are you using Navigraph or NavData Pro? EDIT, it seems its working now. The click spot seems a bit small though. I have to actually click the handle of the magnifying glass to get the keyboard.
  6. Hi thanks for the reply. Its the IAE versions that i fly. Have tried 3 different liveries etc and still do the same thing. Mate has the same issue. Im wondering if the new update may rectify the issue so will test. In relation to the spool are you talking about increasing throttle to bring the engine up to speed as such and then it may activate it? The engine states avail everytime it just doesnt trigger the voice of it being stabilized and thus no progression in the checklist.
  7. Click the left button next to search box snd you will get the efb keyboard
  8. Using the A330 on version 1008. Is there a way to select an airport from the list, I see a filter option but nothing happens when I mouse click in that field. Is my only option to scroll down the airport list until I arrive on the airport I want to see?
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  10. Hello, I am setting up a new PC to run FSX on Windows 10 Pro. FSX is installed in its own partition and runs OK. Simstarter NG is installed and run as administrator. However, when I use Configure -> SimObjects Manager... I get the error message "ERROR: The following Addon path can't be found" but no path is displayed. When the OK button is pressed, there are no simobjects listed. I Have deleted the FSX.CFG and ran FSX to create a new one with only the 6 standard simobject and get the same problem. All those 6 paths exist in the FSX directory. I am not sure what the message means or how to overcome it. Any advice is welcome. Thanks.
  11. So wieder über PODUK und wieder bei fast identischen FPS. 10NM vor PODUK ein sehr kurzer Nachladeruckler. Core I7-2600 (ohne K), 20GB Ram, GTX-970 4GB, Alles auf HDD.
  12. Hi Hanse; Thanks for the post. I have not being able to get into the Sim lately. I look into this first chance I get, probably this weekend and post some feedback. Best
  13. You can save performance profiles in P3D...I assume you know this already, but just in case you do not -- you can save your settings profiles so that you can switch between slider settings quickly and easily (for example, you could make one for "CRJ" with the slider settings you want to use with the CRJ). I noticed on your initial screenshots of your settings, you're running a couple of sliders that will really hurt your fps with the 1070 card -- shadow settings -- and Special Effects sliders (both of them). The special effects sliders are actually primarily cpu-bound, but running them full right isn't helping matters. Another thing is the 2xSSAA + dynamic lighting. Be careful running that especially at night with a 1070 card. Any card really. Sounds like something is wrong with your driver. If it were me I would install new driver using the "clean install" option on the installer. After doing that, if you STILL cannot open the nvidia control panel, I would download DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from Guru3D or similar site. That prog will get everything out from the old driver(s).
  14. Bei der MD80 fliegt er auf Kurs 326 ca. beim ersten Bild 325
  15. Ja... kannst du da das nachladen des Meshs triggern? Wenn das in jede Richtung an der Stelle normal abläuft kann ein Bug in XP ausgeschlossen werden. Da ja die Zweitinstallation auch nicht geholfen hat bliebe dann nur noch der PC selbst, irgendein Software- oder Hardwareproblem.
  16. Nachbarkachel ist Paris. Da drehe ich gerade um. Damit sollte der Speicher mal ausgelastet sein (dort Ortho und eine Paris City Szenerie. Knapp 50NM bis PODUK. Diesmal also von West nach Ost. Mal sehen... Heftiger Nordwestwind auf 12000ft. 38Kts.
  17. Did they solve the login issue? Meaning the one where you have to login all the time?
  18. Damit kann ich arbeiten. Wenn der Fehler auftritt, auf welchem kurs fliegst du da? Westen nach Osten oder andersrum, Norden nach Süden oder andersrum? In der maschine ist HDG 80 eingetragen, stimmt das so? Ich hab keinen Plan von Airlinern und blick da grad nicht so durch.
  19. nach 50NM Steigflug nach Süden auf 12000ft Rückkehr nach PODUK: 46 FPS
  20. Hallo .DuBists... wo ist Dein Problem? Ich stelle morgen an dieser Stelle mal ein Beispielfoto ein, vielleicht hilft es ja? Viele Grüße Sina
  21. I'm using Sode jetways for some airports. It worked perfectly fine until a couple of months ago. I don't know what happened, but all of a sudden the jetways went far above the aircraft when I selected them. This applies to all aircraft and airports using sode. I haven't really found any solutions yet so i'll be very happy if someone knows how to fix this...
  22. Direkt über PODUK mit Standardcessna knapp 46FPS. Szenerieladedauer ziemlich Kurz, Nur X-Europe 4.2-kein Ortho! Start von LFJS nördlich PODUK
  23. Thanks. Which steps are you performing to get this error? The log gives no indication for this crash.
  24. For have the first UP 0.1, I have to put 8500 kg in the cargo on the A320. But in this mode the Zero Fuel Weight and the Landing Weight there is red and out of limits See the immage above.
  25. Achso, die Flugmodelberechnung..nein ich denke auch, dass dies nicht "mein" problem ist. eine zweitinstallation habe ich soeben getestet, selbes problem. dieses tritt bei allen flugzeugen auf. den flugweg kann ich dir so jetzt grad nicht sagen, aber in meinem letzten foto (cockpit) sind die koordinaten oben links eingeblendet. dort tritt das problem mit allen flugzeugen auf..der wegpunkt heisst: poduk..reicht dir das so?
  26. Is an update for customers with umlauts planned in the future? I don't dare to rename the user folder, because there will probably be a lot of other problems afterwards ...
  27. Pfälzer


    Danke für eure Tipps mit den debug und log.txt-Dateien. Ich werde mich auf die Suche machen, weiß ja jetzt wo ich zu suchen habe. Ganz besonders "hilfreich" waren die letzten beiden Anmerkungen. Happy Flight vom Pfälzer
  28. Could you perhaps try to spool up the engines a little bit. Could be that the engine parameters for some reason stay below what the checklist trigger is set at. To investigate this further, could you give me the engine type this issue is present. Or does it happen with both IAE and CFM engines?
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