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  2. Go to C:\Aerosoft\SIMstarter NG\data\P3Dv3\settings.ini and replace [SIMOBJECTS] searchFolders=C:\PROGRAM FILES (X86)\12BPILOT\SODE\P3DV3\..\data\SimObjects;C:\ProgramData\12bPilot\SODE\SimObjects; with [SIMOBJECTS] searchFolders=SimObjects\Airplanes;SimObjects\Rotorcraft; Please: After checking out all my remarks for every PC - please open new topics per PC/Problem. It's hard for me to sort out. Thanks.
  3. i would like to request the entire Virgin Atlantic A333 fleet please
  4. Version 1.0.0


    A simple livery I made for Malaysia Airlines's Airbus A330-300 witht the One World variant. Enjoy!
  5. Version 1.0.0


    A simple repaint I made for the A330 pro. Enjoy!
  6. Yes, and the little text shows you "(disabled because no Sim ConfigSet)". If you select a SimConfig Set this comes back. 15/12/2019 21:22:07 INFO PROGRAM RunAsAdministrator: False Please run the software with Admin Rights. This can be the root cause of such access errors.
  7. As a temporary measure just make sure the throttle is in sight when you engage reverse.
  8. Lately I haven't been using autosave but I'll turn it on for my next A330 flight. Should be sometime this week. Way back (somewhere earlier in this thread probably) when I was having these issues on the A320 I seem to recall doing just that and finding it wasn't always repeatable. Could it be a simple PFD issue? The actual autoflight does not honor it (at least not in these instances, as opposed to the instances during cruise where it does) and the correct data always shows in the MCDU PERF pages.
  9. As I use hardware throttles and run it all through fsuipc (paid version) just wondering, before I purchase the A330, if this has been resolved?
  10. Today
  11. Ya it works sometimes and doesn't other times. Hopefully it gets added to their list of things to look at and fix.
  12. Hi everyone I have attempted the couple fixes mentioned and have the latest version of the aircraft but it still ctd when I click on the link tab. thanks for any advice.
  13. Do run the Aerosoft Airbus in this configuration? Direct and no calibration?
  14. It happened to me only once I think on the update 10.0.2. I reseted the aircraft to “ready for takeoff “ and it was gone.
  15. I like Steve's signature...Retired? Great looking American!
  16. THX so much Request Paint Thai Airasia X livery ,Thank you very much
  17. No. The detailed technical data and information necessary to do one to the level of the current A3xx series is unobtainable from Airbus. As Mathijs and others have stated in the past, even line pilots flying the A350 don't have access to the necessary data.
  18. I got the A330 and really enjoy the immersion of the checklists, my only annoyance is that it will automatically turn on taxi lights for before taxi checklist and landing lights (and t.o) during before takeoff checklist. Those are not required and real life and only use prior to taxi and prior to take off. If I am doing checklist but I will havent taken off I dont need them on.
  19. Similar happened to me on VATSIM couple of days ago. Still quite a distance away, but still pretty cool to run into other peeps (not literally)
  20. Is there any plans for development of Aerosoft A350-9/1000 Varients ?
  21. Ok, I'm going to re fly the route again tomm morning and see how it goes.
  22. Throttles do no work if I start P3D v4.5 HF2 with Simstarter NG. Throttles do work if I start P3D without using Simstarter. I know this has been previously reported in the Aerosoft Bus Professional (64 bit, P3D V4) forum which Mathis acknowledged and stated the issue has been passed on to you. Any idea of what's causing the issue and when there might be a fix?
  23. I think someone is doing Hawaiian....I thought I saw something just a page or 2 back.... Last update for this weekend....need to get ready for a busy work week. I'll work more on this one when I can, and wrap up Cathay and Qantas.
  24. okay, thanks for telling me that, enjoy flying with my livery
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