Recently we have seen a lot of codes used to unlock our products being offered for discounted prices. Almost all of them are bought using stolen credit cards. These codes will all be blocked by our systems and you will have to try to get your money back from the seller, we are unable to assist in these matters. Do be very careful when you see a deal that is almost too good to be true, it probably is too good to be true.

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  2. Hello, The current textures on CRJ900 will be compatible on the professional version? Thanks. Loïc.
  3. Check the manual on how to de-activate the view system we included.
  4. Bedanke mich bei allen für die Ratschläge! Die Bestellung für die "MFG Crosswind -Pedale" ist soeben gesendet worden. Gruß Hermann
  5. We only use Chaseplane and are waiting for the newer versions.
  6. Not a lot to say, while Stefan is completing the visuals, Frank is doing adding the last systems, Robert is doing some tweaks to AP and doing the EFB, Baylan is now working on CPDLC.
  7. We have simply never been able to recreate that issue on any of our machines, neither has any of our testers been able to recreate it (32 systems in total). The issue is caused by this add-on and something very specific on your systeem. But as we simply have no idea what that is there is no work done to fix it as far as I am aware. Perhaps a change in the code might prevent the issue from popping up, or your system is now like that of nearly all other users. But of you check the support forum you will see there is nearly nothing open, certainly not something important.
  8. If there is something to report you will see it here!
  9. I see no emails from the in our support system ( Where did you send your emails? And of course we have a solid support department, currently we run at 92% customer satisfaction rating.
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  11. It would seem that Aerosoft's customer service is non existant, I pre-ordered a Honeycomb Alpha Yoke at the Aerosoft stand at the Cosford show and was informed that I would be contacted by email, I did not recieved a email, I have since emailed Aerosoft four times and have not had any replies, hence the customer service is non existant. Cheers SmiffyRebel
  12. Sind die Einbrüche periodisch ? So alle 10 oder 15 sekunden ?
  13. Hi, I saw in a recent announcement that the above is coming (soon hopefully). Is there any more information> Thanks, Ian.
  14. Die Instalation der Updates ist wohl vom im Gebrauch befindlichen Betriebssystem her unterschiedlich. Wenn ich das mal richtig verstanden habe, ziehen die Windows Nutzer das komplette Update in das B737-800x Verzeichnis und teilen dem System mit, dass alle doppelten Einträge ersetzt werden sollen. Ich bin ein Mac User und da ist das alles etwas komplizierter. Jeden Ordner und Unterordner des Updates muß ich anfassen und durch Kopieren oder Verschieben in die entsprechende Zibo Verzeichnis Struktur bewegen. Und da passieren aufgrund von Konzentration auch mal Fehler. Deshalb sichere ich mir die letzte Version. Ich hechele auch nicht jedem Update hinterher. Derzeit habe ich auch die Version 3.37 im Betrieb. Diese Full-Versionen sind ein kompletter Flieger, der die letzten Updates beinhaltet. Lediglich das Tablet muß neu konfiguriert werden. Die Sichten, die ich über die Tastatur steuere, sind ja in der Datei b737_prefs.txt gespeichert, und diese Datei kopiere ich mir aus dem gesicherten Zibo Verzeichnis heraus und füge es in das Full-Verzeichnis ein. Seit Langen ist die ZIBO mein absoluter Lieblingsflieger und die Arbeit der Macher ist mehr als lobenswert. Denn die "Kiste" ist Freeware und das Cockpit ist absolut realistisch im Gebrauch und Funktion umgesetzt.
  15. There will likely be another one or two tests for CFD and GFO integration.
  16. The average resolution of the cockpit textures has been strongly raised, so yes.
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. Also, take a look at the entire thread in this link for more background if needed.
  19. Just purchased and installed Lukla Mount Everest Extreme - it truly is awesome (so far). But on the ramp at Lukla there is an item that is floating - very weird - can you help? After installing I did run the FTX AEC to make sure the airports are all grounded properly and so far that is not an issue.
  20. I had a dream it already came out and I was flying it between Yakutsk and Moscow lol
  21. will this be the only batch of testers needed? Or will another batch of testers be needed again in the future? 😃
    Top sehr zufrieden 👌🏼 Download Link: Für die die es nicht auf denn ersten Blick sehen!
  22. I had a dream that the 330 will be released on the 26th November 2019
  23. Yes an update would be nice. This thread has been pretty quiet.
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