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Mathijs Kok

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Hello my friends,

I'm back from vacation and I'm currently working in these textures ...

attachicon.gif9N-AET.png attachicon.gifHB-LRR.png attachicon.gifPJ-WIJ.png

... and TARA AIR will also come with the registration 9N-AVA

hello Holgi it is to tell you that there is no more yeti airlines twinotter in nepal its proud that you made this repaint and sure 9n-ava registration doesnot exists only tara air exists yes It is a subsidiary of yeti airlines and thanks for your shots



with regards siddhant

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that last one looks great, but it will be a nightmare to paint, especially the layout of the tail is not that easy I find...

I started with something simple:


but needed to adjust the blue anyway..


Hello Jankees!

Thank You very much for having taken a look at the "Nature Air" photos - and who knows ..: Maybe one day their liveries might be doable.

And now i will enjoy some of the super great repaints available already! :excellenttext_s:

Cheers, Christoph

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Last year Yoyo made this repaint to use in Antarctic Marambio Base and I dont know if he is still making repaints at this time.....I didnt feel ok to bother him again so if anyone here kindly accept this petition......

Big Thanks in advance!!!!!




Many thanks to you to remind us this very nice repaint!

At skkuda, that's an interesting livery, I might try that when I'm finished the Kenn Borek machine (C-FBBV) I'm currently working on.

Still have in the waiting line another Ministry of Natural Resources machine and an RCAF SAR machine when the 100 paintkit is available.

Thank in advance :)

Skkuda, There is a small emblem on the left side of vertical fin just below the horizontal stab any idea what it is?

I just put an eye: not a logo but a structural component?

Original download here http://www.limesim.com/products/fsx/antarcticax/expansions/index.html. I think what you're looking for is in the DHC6_texture_4_T.dds file.

Good repaint!

Thank you.

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the size is not the problem (look below, I added another sticker)


it is the layout that is giving me nightmares, I have no idea how many times I've had to go back to correct yet another line that doesn't line up. And this is with straight lines...

Still, only a few more to go, can you spot them?


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For the FEDEX repaint recently uploaded:

Thank you for the work!

I noted a few things if you can't do something ->

- the immatrication is always D-IVER in the cockpit

- the load of the texture gives an error: I think this is because the [FLTSIM.x] section doesn't mention a correct ID (I've put this one atc_id=N38535 to conform to the texture)

- and the ui_variation sould be "FEDEX Srs300 by Tom Weiss" not RACF.

No criticism, just contibution!

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Will left here what I Found......

Hope this help!

Hey Skkuda thanks I have already duplicated all of those and they are ready to go when start this paint.

I will try to post I picture tomorrow of the area I'm talking about. It's right beside the inspection hole you are talking about. So far I've only seen it one picture of T-82. I've been scouring the Internet looking for crests used by the Argentinian Air Force, but haven't seen a match yet. Nor could I find anything on any of the Antarctica research sites.


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