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  1. After several hours trying to get the Airbus to run I ended up un-installing ALL of the files and then installing again, seems to have fixed the issue, I've made 2 flights of 2 hours with no problems. I did this before your post so I couldn't check if the TerrOnND folder was there. No changes were made to my system prior to this happening, by me,I flew the A320 the night before, the next morning, fist flight, the problems began.
  2. After 20 hours of flawless flying, I too, am now getting this error. I have NO duplicate .cfg entries. Using the Airbus in Prepar3dv4.3. The error message only displays when selecting the Airbus - PMDG. MjcQ400, iFly 747v2 load with no issues. The aircraft loadsin cabin view(no VC Panel) and I am noe getting the error shown in the image
  3. When will the v4 updates be available from our Accounts. PMDG mentioned that they had sent them to AS on the 29th July
  4. Hi, I have several Aerosoft Airports purchased from another Vendor, they are not providing updates or answering any emails. If I provide proof of purchase, can I download the updates from Aerosoft direct. Steve S
  5. I hope the pending release of the A330 will be P3D v4 ready, when it is eventually released.
  6. Any chance of closing this thread until the A330 is released......my stress levels in anticipation can't take anymore.....all the temptation, but nothing to play with.(wink, wink) 9
  7. What will we have to anticipate when the AS A330 is finally released - these forums will be noticeably lighter and the moderators will have an opportunity for a well earned rest! steve s
  8. Yeah, I decided against buying the FSL A320 and go for the AS A330. I hope its released Q1.
  9. I have read in many times, call me stupid, I still don't get it..to me delete all files means just that, or should it read delete mainpanel VC files, - a little bit of clarity would help. Can I just leave these files, I just don't understand what I'm supposed to do, even after reading the instructions countless times. As requested, an image or desktop capture of what is to be deleted would be helpful.
  10. I'm finding it hard to understand item 4 in the installation about deleting ALL the files in texture.xxx and reference to mainpanel. Are the files in the aircraft livery textures, if you delete all - how do you get the livery? Can you make the install instructions a bit clearer or maybe show some images on how to do it please. Steve S
  11. Hi Mate,


    Been following your livery paints for awhile now and really appreciate the quality. Although I've done quite a few liveries for the PMDG 737ngx (mostly Aussie) I just can't get my head around the AS Airbus paintkit - much to my disgust.  I don't know if you do requests, but would really like the AS A319 in JetstarAust) or Tigerair(Aust). If you've got some spare time, will you think about them.



    steve southey

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    2. JustanotherPilot


      I've got your Qantas A319, Jetstar don't have the A319 nor does Tiger or Virgin Australia(then again Qantas doesn't either) I know all three were considering the A319, so they would all be fictitious liveries - I prefer the A318/A319's to the A320/A321's and thought it would be great.

    3. DetCord


      I'll look into it but I can't make any promises. The tail and vert stab look like a nightmare for just a fictional livery.

    4. JustanotherPilot


      Thanks.....I admire you for being able to use the painkit, after several attempts I gave up.

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