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  1. I have purchased the A320/321 Prof and A330 Prof through the Aerosoft shop, but purchased the A318/319(non Pro) with FsPilotshop(which no longer exists). I have the A318/319 listed as an external purchase in my Aerosoft Account. Do I qualify for the A318/319 upgrade price offered by Aerosoft? If so, how do I do this? Steve
  2. Any CRJ model in X or Pro versions in Virgin Australia along the lines of their EMB190 https://worldairlinenews.com/2018/02/03/virgin-australia-retires-its-last-embraer-190/ Would be greatly appreciated Steve
  3. After experiencing numerous freezes with the A333 I decided to uninstall and install again, however when I enter my serial and email in the appropriate installer fields I get the error as shown below. I have used this combination for previous install with no problems, I checked my account and the serial is the same. What is my next step to get it to install. Is there a limit on the number of times the A333 can be installed? Steve
  4. I applied the recommended settings when I purchased the A330 day one of release - to try and get the EFB to work, these settings didn't help but I kept them, hoping that one day the EFB might suddenly work. Looks like these settings didn't help me with the FCU brightness adjust either. Really annoying to fly around during the day and have the EFB and FCU lighting turned on and fully bright.
  5. Okay, that's good, it doesn't on mine(neither does the EFB - way too bright to read, even on night setting), I've installed the A330 3 times but still can't get it to work, yet as mentioned, it works for the A320/A321. Is there some settings somewhere I can adjust, it's really annoying having them constantly on and at the brightest setting, failing that is there an .ini or .cfg file somewhere where I can turn them off for day flights.
  6. Unlike the A320/A321, I can't adjust the glareshield brightness or turn on/of fusing the knob as shown, the FCU Brightness adjusts works fine when turning the appropriate knob. Is this a bug or not modelled in th A330 Steve
  7. I've never been able to get the EFB to work correctly since A330 release due to extreme brightness, which prevents being able to read ( I have recommended HDR settings) today, 15 mins into a flight PHNLKSFO at FL310, I tried to get some functionality from the EFB, however, as soon as the Link tab on the EFB was selected Prepar3D immediately CTD.
  8. Thanks Tom, that was causing the problem. The fuel planner had closed to the taskbar but not shutdown completely. All good now, sorry for the inconvenience.
  9. While trying to install the hotfix the updater stops and won't install. I have to exit update via windows 'x' top right of program screen
  10. Since installing the update in the A330 I lose the copilot/checklist callouts just prior to engine start.
  11. After installing the A333, the fuel planner does not show trim settings in AS A320/321. Moving the slider does nothing. Works okay when A333 selected. First image A320/321 Second A333 Steve
  12. I understand your preparation for this new MS2020, but surely the issue is here and now and relating to Prepar3d v4.5, which I would say, is the A330 Professional platform of release and any bugs to this, addressed. Having said this, I'm glad a future release will include the ability to turn the EFF "OFF" (and maybe a hide from view, similar to that on the TFDi 717).
  13. Thanks Mathijs for your reply, given that I cannot properly use the EFB, could you consider, in future updates, a provision to turn the EFB screen 'OFF'. It can be quite distracting when panning around the VC because of it's brightness.Cann I also mention that I had the brightness issue in the Qualitywings 787 EFB but could adjust the brightness within the menu or by adding settings to the qw787.cfg file
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