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  1. Hi there! Could someone please make a livery of the 5Y-AST that comes with aerosoft's excellent addon African Airstrip Adventures for the Twin Otter Extended? Thank you!
  2. Could someone make an ASC (African Safari Charter - 5Y-AST) livery, like the one that came with the "African Airstrip Adventures" addon please?
  3. All right, thank you. I don't have a Facebook account, so...
  4. Hi there! Are there any news about the results of ASN’s “Simulator” Screenshot Contest? Thanks in advance, Just Fly.
  5. Have to admit the water effects are... veeeery nice.
  6. Bonjour Parpin! Pour te débarasser de ce tas de terrain, il te faut régler le mesh sur moins de 19 m (j'entends par là une résolution de la trame moindre, par exemple 38 m. Mais 19 devrait suffire!). Bons vols!
  7. Hi there! I have a couple of issues with my Mitchell Wing: Is it normal that I have to apply full power simply to start taxiing? When in virtual cockpit, I see this: Is this normal and/or is there a way to remove that green line? I'm using EZCA, by the way. Oh, and I see the same in the default Trike. Thanks in anticipation, Just Fly
  8. Caption: "Darling, I know you love aviation, but still... You could have chosen something else to decorate our aquarium!"
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