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  1. Thanks, it is encouraging to hear that it hadn’t been put in the too hard basket as appears is the case with some other issues. If I have time today I will try another flight with all logging enabled.
  2. I'll take that as a no then, sad really, this product had such potential, back to X-plane for an A330 then.
  3. Has there been any advance on the resolution of this issue?
  4. Until the issues are sorted out From inconsistent performance in anything over a slight breeze to inconsistent altitude management at anything above 1x simulation to managed speed failures - calling for 116 kts at cruise, really? I'm sure others can add to the this list Happy to be patient, and I have been, but this far in, with this many problems, this aircraft is broken More than happy to be proven wrong, but I have experienced all of the above
  5. Hmm, not sure, I always check for discos after entering a SID and there weren't any, pretty sure it did fly the SID
  6. And I have this problem today - flew yesterday with no problems, apart from the checklist that decided to stop working, but that's common. Today I updated to loaded a flightplan created in PFPX from ESSA to KORD, took off and at around FL180 to managed speed suddenly dropped to 116. I manually climbed to altitude and hit the SPD button to engage managed speed and 116 appeared below the speed tape and the aircraft began slowing. The CRZ page on the MCDU shows MANAGED .80, I set .80 in the SPD window and the aircraft flies normally, but not in managed speed mode. Flightplan is KOGA2K KOGAV Z255 OSKOK DCT ABADA/N0468F380 DCT 66N000E/M082F380 68N010W 69N020W 69N030W 69N040W 67N050W DCT CLAVY/N0468F380 DCT IKMAN/N0466F400 DCT COPUR DCT YFM DCT GRAMP DCT SSM WYNDE1
  7. Hi Rolf, I have just let the checklist run all by itself and you are correct it does now wait until after the APU becomes available before switching on APU Bleed and disconnecting external power, this is different to what I experienced with version, which is why I was intervening. Thanks for your patience.
  8. Unfortunately that has not been my experience. The first time I let the checklist run by itself with no intervention, external power was disconnected directly after the apu start and the aircraft systems reset. It was then that I remembered that this had happened with the A32x/A31x series as well.
  9. In the updater, click on the configuration button and then select "Show available experimental updates for my products" and then click on OK
  10. It's not only bad weather, I'm on descent to YSSY with a 4 knot tailwind and the aircraft is up and down like the Assyrian Empire! A way to go yet with this flight model
  11. Yes I do batteries, EXT PWR, fuel pumps, start the APU and then IRS - a hangover from an X-plane Airbus I know in the previous versions that there wasn't enough time between starting the APU and disconnecting EXT PWR - the APU was still starting and power was disconnected which meant that the MCDU had to be reprogrammed, which is why I adopted my method - has this been fixed?
  12. 84 is generally the accepted weight of a passenger Edit: the Aircraft_A330.xml file in the AircraftData folder has the line <paxweight>84</paxweight>
  13. In my flight yesterday I was purposefully monitoring the fps counter as I increased to 4x, and it did not drop below 30. Volume 1 of the manual mentions that 16 is the "magic" fps number, is it now 18? It seems strange that other add-ons, at a similar price point, seem to be able to handle 4x and 8x, but the A330 cannot? I know that all add-ons have unexpected bugs rise to the surface on release, and hope that this one will be addressed rather than being put into the "too hard" basket as suggested by the last line in your post.
  14. Hi Hanse, started cold and dark, I engaged external power, started the APU (previous checklists haven’t allowed time for theAPU to start before disengaging external power) and set the IRS to NAV before starting the checklist. I was using the co-pilot, but I am not sure where the checklist stopped, but it was before the end of the cockpit preparation - previously I have had to skip over the fuel pump prompt, so it would not surprise me if it was at this point. I will fly again tomorrow and will make more notes, but as I said, the checklist is hit and miss, sometimes it works perfectly (except for the fuel pump) and other times it fails. Happy to enable logging if this helps Scott
  15. The checklist certainly appears to be hit and miss. On my latest flight the Cockpit preparation didn't completed, a Skip Item prompt was flashing periodically next to LSK2, I clicked on it a couple of times but noting happened, so I clicked on LSK1 to turn off the checklist - about 4 hours into the flight it is still indicating an OFF DELAY. This is on the latest update installed today.
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