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  1. Very Nice Work on the Tundra Paints... Thank you Gentlemen
  2. There are so many fantastic real life paints... and some of them look like private aircraft... Passager Cargo Passager/cargo Skydive hauler Military version for various applications Photo, mapping, etc. Never thought of it as private go anywhere, land anywhere but I like that idea alot
  3. As requested, See the glow at the Landing/Taxie but nothing on the runway?
  4. Yes, Nothing I also have no problems with any other plane??? including Beaver A-10 Piper Cheynne Piper Super cub Dornier They really do have some great planes... Its frustating but I'm sure we will fix Check fx file the landing light fx is there?
  5. FS9 Katana No Landing light show on ground Light is visable on plane Everything ON ??? Great little plane but I would like for the landing light to work Any help is welcome Thank you
  6. FS9 Katana No Landing lights Land light FS9 ON Battery ON Light Swicht ON Light show on plane but not on runway Removed and reloaded twice It may be missing a fx. landing light effect if there is such an item do not have one in effect file This is a great plane, cool stuff in the VC need alittle help please
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