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  1. Hello Jankees! Thank You very much for having taken a look at the "Nature Air" photos - and who knows ..: Maybe one day their liveries might be doable. And now i will enjoy some of the super great repaints available already! Cheers, Christoph
  2. Hello to all the dedicated and talented repainters ou there! I'd really welcome and appreciate it very much, if someone would consider to create one of the colourful Costa Rica's "Nature Air" repaints. Cheers, Christoph
  3. Hello Mathijs, Hello Eric! Sorry for my late reply here, but i had been off my PC for the last couple of days and just got back now! I am very glad to read about this update and about the fact, that it all got fixed now - gonna give it a try this weekend then! Thank You all very, very much! And now: Let's enjoy the Bronco - in FSX and P3D Best regards, Chris
  4. Hello Everyone! Pretty new here in the forums, yet i hope someone could help out here e alittle bit. I already posted this topic at the german subforumsite for the Bronco here, which i guess now was not such a good idea as the official support takes place here obviously - so: Really sorry to the forum admins and anyone else who might now read this issue two or three times - won't happen again from now on And now here's my question: As also Eric Bakker (and then myself as well) mentioned here in the forums: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/51302-ov-10-bronco-x-for-lockheed-martin-prepar3d/ there seems to be some issue with the correct handling of installing the Bronco into FSX and Prepar 3D ... - If I have the Bronco installed into FSX and then want to install it into Prepar 3D as well, the installer only asks if I want to "delete" or "repair" the previews installation when I run the Prepar 3D installer... now: Can't I use the Bronco FSX and Prepar 3D parrallel on my PC? Can I only use one version or the other? And if I can use both, the FSX and Prepar 3D version, then how can it be installed correctly? Is there someone having some ideas on handling this issue properly? Any suggestions are most welcome! Thank You very much in advance! Cheers, Chris
  5. +1 I have the same question - or problem... (also posted it here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php/topic/51655-frage-zur-installation-der-bronco-in-prepar-3d-und-fsx/ ) Purchased the Bronco recently and really like it ... none the less though: Any ideas how to each one installed properly into FSX and Prepar3D although/when using the correct "Install-launcher/Wizard" for both models properly? Best regards, Chris
  6. Hallo Allerseits! Dies ist mein erstes Posting hier und es dreht sich um folgendes: Ich habe kürzlich dei Bronco bei Aerosoft gekauft und diese in den FSX installiert. Nun möchte ich dies auch mit Prepar 3D tun - doch immer wenn ich den Prpar3D Bronco-Installer starte, fragt dieser nur ob ich die vorhanden Dateien reparieren, bzw. entfernen möchte.... Heisst das nun, dass ich die Bronco auf meinem PC entweder nur im FSX oder nur in Prepar 3D installieren kann, oder soll ich einfach die Bronco in den FSX installieren, dann den Prepar 3D Installer laufen lassen und "Datein" reparieren klicken und dann den Bronco-Folder vom FSX.../SimObjects/Airplanes in den Prepar3D.../Airplanes folder kopieren? Gibt es hierzu eine korrekte Angabe? Ich bin für jede Anregung hierzu sehr, sehr dankber! Beste Grüße, Chris
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