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  1. Hi, Are you kidding? https://www.google.fr/#q=Norlandair+fsx+Twin+Otter And in the search tool of the forum! Search for norlandair...
  2. @Tom, thanks for your updates, awesome @spike9, thank you in advance, il will be well suited for sure!
  3. Hi Spike9, I think I hadn't tell you thank you for the release of the Fuerza. Thank you!
  4. Howww nice! With the hope you can put the textures on the wheel/ski version when it will be released!
  5. Hi spike9, 3rd msg... For your information there were no logo (somme others are missing too) on the previous version, see below: Good news for the future version, thank you very much.
  6. Hi, @spike9: I've answered to your request too (see on the top of the page please). Can't you find what you search for in the file i've mentionned? Otherwise, yes, put a screen, thank you.
  7. For the FEDEX repaint recently uploaded: Thank you for the work! I noted a few things if you can't do something -> - the immatrication is always D-IVER in the cockpit - the load of the texture gives an error: I think this is because the [FLTSIM.x] section doesn't mention a correct ID (I've put this one atc_id=N38535 to conform to the texture) - and the ui_variation sould be "FEDEX Srs300 by Tom Weiss" not RACF. No criticism, just contibution!
  8. Hi, Many thanks to you to remind us this very nice repaint! Thank in advance I just put an eye: not a logo but a structural component? Original download here http://www.limesim.com/products/fsx/antarcticax/expansions/index.html. I think what you're looking for is in the DHC6_texture_4_T.dds file. Good repaint! Thank you.
  9. To Fred, Solution is here: http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/54998-how-to-get-aerosoft-products-working-in-prepar3d/
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