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  1. Did you try the FSUIPC log function to see the good command sent ? Or pehaps in LINDA if used? In this case, use the keyboard or the mouse to see the right command.
  2. Hello Bô, voir mon autre réponse, bien se connecter sur la version CD du site dans ton cas.
  3. Hello, C toi Bô ? Il faut retélécharger sur le site : bien faire attention, ou bien en version CD ou bien en download, ce n'est pas pareil sur le site de Aerosoft, il faut se connecter sur la bonne partie du site.
  4. Hi, I've worked with this (used in LINDA) for others aircrafts (I don't own the Beaver): FUEL_SELECTOR_OFF FUEL_SELECTOR_RIGHT FUEL_SELECTOR_LEFT FUEL_SELECTOR_ALL See the PDF documentation of FSUIPC: you'll find the offsets (search for these terms). Hope this helps.
  5. Hi, Are you kidding? And in the search tool of the forum! Search for norlandair...
  6. @Tom, thanks for your updates, awesome @spike9, thank you in advance, il will be well suited for sure!
  7. Hi Spike9, I think I hadn't tell you thank you for the release of the Fuerza. Thank you!
  8. Howww nice! With the hope you can put the textures on the wheel/ski version when it will be released!
  9. No pb, not found this badge or others
  10. Hi spike9, 3rd msg... For your information there were no logo (somme others are missing too) on the previous version, see below: Good news for the future version, thank you very much.
  11. Hi, @spike9: I've answered to your request too (see on the top of the page please). Can't you find what you search for in the file i've mentionned? Otherwise, yes, put a screen, thank you.
  12. For the FEDEX repaint recently uploaded: Thank you for the work! I noted a few things if you can't do something -> - the immatrication is always D-IVER in the cockpit - the load of the texture gives an error: I think this is because the [FLTSIM.x] section doesn't mention a correct ID (I've put this one atc_id=N38535 to conform to the texture) - and the ui_variation sould be "FEDEX Srs300 by Tom Weiss" not RACF. No criticism, just contibution!
  13. Hi, Many thanks to you to remind us this very nice repaint! Thank in advance I just put an eye: not a logo but a structural component? Original download here I think what you're looking for is in the file. Good repaint! Thank you.
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