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  1. Hello People, Im a bit confused about this. I`ve downloaded from my aerosoft account these 2 titles that I own but when tryin to install the software refuses because cant find my p3d v3 version. arent they been updated to the latest p3d version? (v3 at least) In the shop web they say Version 4 but in my account only find 2.2 version Thanks in advance!
  2. Jeeez.....just came here to realize that you have already finished the livery I was asking for!!! True thanks Spike9!!!!
  3. Awesome!!! Take your time, Im far away from home right now but I will be downloading this piece of work as soon as you release it for sure! Cheers
  4. Will left here what I Found...... Hope this help!
  5. Last year Yoyo made this repaint to use in Antarctic Marambio Base and I dont know if he is still making repaints at this time.....I didnt feel ok to bother him again so if anyone here kindly accept this petition...... Big Thanks in advance!!!!!
  6. Ok thanks! I was doubting that I saw somewhere here that early june was the date.
  7. Ok....first pics here so far. I found myself enjoying this horrible weather over my nicely done Stavanger area! Cheers
  8. No answer on this? I´d like a yes/no answer if possible..... Cheers
  9. Hello everyone here! Hi yoyo....thats what my install displays at Marambio. For antarctica I has everything maxxed out but I dont think that was making the difference Cheers
  10. Hi! I Bought my AntarcticaX few days ago and it gaves me the twoter version freely........so the question is. Do I have the right to aquire the repaint kit? Cheers!
  11. What is this Neasiaie saying!? Ok back to the point..........Keep my eyes on the clock counting the minutes!!! Outstading rendition!
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