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  1. How long before that Aeropelican livery is done Jankees? I'm desperate for an Aussie livery to fly around in.
  2. I love the Bronco X. And I must say it's great to see the new models that are coming. It's looking like it just got a whole lot better. Thanks for all the work guys. Mark
  3. I bought the Bronco X last night and I have to express my thoughts on this aircraft..... WOW!!! Keep up the great work. Mark
  4. You said it Kai! It sure does look amazing! This is making the wait for its release hard. Mark
  5. +1 I would also like to know if we can keep Airbus X v1.x Mark
  6. Thanks Sascha, You have explained it so well that I now understand why I have had some very strange things happening (navigation wise) when I fly down to McMurdo Station from Australia or New Zealand. I love flying down there to have a look around, even though there is nothing really down there. And that is about to change thanks to Antarctica X. Mark
  7. WOW! Great shots Nick! I can hardly wait to get my hands on this product. Mark
  8. Thanks Sascha. I guess I must have thought I had read it. Luckily for me, I own FS Commander 9 so I'll be able to find out if it does help with navigation down there. I think it is time for me to fly down there one last time, before Antarctica X gets released, so I refresh my memory on how bad the default Antarctica is in FSX. Mark
  9. WOW! This is a must have for me! I have done some "Qantas to Antarctica" flights (following the real world Qantas flights) in the PMDG 744 and in the Captain Sim 762. This is going to change all that! I also fly the other aircraft from either Australia or New Zealand to Antarctica. The FSX default Antarctica is boring and dull, nothing like in the real world. This is going to change all that! Am I right in believing that you guys have fixed up the navigational problems down there? It's been terrible in my experience. GPS says I'm going north when I'm really going east. That sort of thing. Mark
  10. I just downloaded and installed FSC 9.1. I love it and all its changes, which includes the one in this topic. It has made FSC 9 even better than it was before. Thank you again and keep up the good work! Mark
  11. Aerosoft = great add-ons and great support.
  12. Thanks guys. It looks like it is controlled automatically between 1 and 1+F. Although I figured that might be the case, I have never actually seen it do it in FSX. I will have to have a much closer look and see if I can see it happening. Mark
  13. Hi. Reading the manual, I often see a reference to a Slats/Flaps setting of 1 or 1+F. Does the Airbus X decide whether the setting is 1 OR 1+F? When setting up for takeoff, I can enter 1 or 2 for the takeoff configuration, but I can't enter 1+F, yet 1+F is a takeoff setting and 1 is not. All I can do is put the flap lever into the proper position. During the approach, I have same problem. What adds to my confusion is that while the Maximum Airspeed for lowering the Slats (1) is 230 KIAS, for Slats AND Flaps (1+F) it is 215. If I put the lever into position 1 when below 230, but still above 215, I get the warning light and alarm telling me that I am going too fast for setting 1+F. This IS NOT giving any problems with flying the plane. I love it. I'm just curious as to how this works on the Airbus X. Thanks in advance. Mark
  14. Thank you Otto. I really hope they can make it add both! FSC9 is already great for flight plan creating, I create lots of flight plans using it. To be able to add both will make FSC9 fantastic. At the moment, I add the STAR, take a note of the all the waypoints, remove the STAR and manually add the waypoints and then add the TRANS to complete the flight plan. It's a nifty workaround, but awkward. Mark
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