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  1. G-OUZO is currently operating for Batavia Air from Indonesia, registration PK-YVD
  2. Is this addon getting close to a release?
  3. Never expected this one! Fantastic news! Hopefully release will be soon?
  4. Check AFCAD 2.21 for other PANC AFCAD. If so delete them.
  5. AES support is available as a temporary fix. It is in the AES 2.21 Released topic!
  6. Don't know the structure of the GAP4 map, but there must be a separate map for EHBK. If not searching the GAP4 map for any EHBK files and deleting them would probably help I think.
  7. I'm not sure on getting this one. Can anyone who has it, tell me why I should get it?
  8. Going to be my favorite german airport, thank you Aerosoft for all your effort in getting this airport is FS.
  9. I think the problem is with the FS9 version, I use that one. Don't know what version Desailly uses?
  10. Turn off aircraft cast shadow on ground
  11. It is a complete new installer, not an update! There should only be two separate download, a FS9 and a FSX version
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