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  1. Downloaded and installed! =) Great work. guys! Now wating for AES for Koltsovo.
  2. Problem solved. It was corrupted AFCAD-file I saved before.
  3. Rafal, thank you for your reply. No, I never use 3GB/GB patches. In my point of view I must treat the disease, not the symptoms I've run my FS on Win7 Pro x64 with 8GB RAM installed. And as I have written above - this is not typical OOM. I cannot start FS because of "out of available memory" message appear during FS running up.
  4. Hello, After completely reinstalled scenery of Mega Airport Munich v1.03 for FS9 it is still impossible to run my FS9 due to "your PC has run out of available memory". Fault module is MFC70.dll. But if I remove EDDM and EMMD_LC from scenery library I can start my FS normally. How I can fix this issue?
  5. Shaun, my fault. You're right, this is FS9 version. Total 608 bmp-files in FS2004\aerosoft\Budapest\LHBP\Textures folder. I tried to completely reinstall scenery. Without effect.
  6. Hello folks, please check installer with v1.50 Budapest scenery. It seems like missing textures here, see screenshots below. // Gate 33 // Gate 34/37 Also I have found "flying" objects: // Gate 46 // observation deck at T2 Is it possible to fix that issues?
  7. Guys. I hate you. You are created my lovely Norge sceneries for FSX only. I am FS9-flyer. I hate you again
  8. Negative. TolmachevoTeam designer is a Fyodor Burakov, widely known as Hawker. He is the guy who created UNNT Novosibirsk Tolmachevo 2005/2008/2011, UNCC Novosibirsk Severny (Nothern) and USSS Yekaterinburg Koltsovo 2006. The new scenery of USSS will be created by Evgeniy Baturin aka Digital, an author of freeware USHH Khanty-Mansiysk
  9. My 5 cents: 1. Improve performance and... 2. Processing the Arnaud-points
  10. Sorry for probably double request. Oliver, could you please to AESed UWGG Nizhny Novgorod 'Strigino' by Antonio Totinque? http://www.avsimrus.com/f/fs2004-sceneries-44/nizhny-novgorod-uwgg-2006-scenery-revision-13841.html
  11. Not Oliver, but users can do it. Olli, it is possible to create and use custom textures in different airports with AESv2?
  12. Thanx Oliver and Mathijs, good news! This is a reason why modifing AFCAD cause re-appears default objects: exlcude areas, created with AFX-tool, are removed by Lee Swordy tool. I think it's also actually for LKPR2004 scenery.
  13. Hi, the same problem for me, looks like LKPR2004 scenery. "Don't modify AFCAD" is not my approach.
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