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  1. Hi Oliver, any chance for these two payware airports ,witch are available at simmarket LYTV - Tivat http://secure.simmarket.com/skyhighsim-tivat-2010.phtml LYBE - Belgrade http://secure.simmarket.com/skihighsim-lybe-4.0-belgrade-nikola-tesla-airport.phtml developer http://www.skyhighsim.com/ Regards,
  2. Hello, just out, brand new scenary LYBE v4.0 http://secure.simmarket.com/skihighsim-lybe-4.0-belgrade-nikola-tesla-airport.phtml there is also a promo video for this scenary.
  3. Hi Oliver , any chance to do Belgrade Airport - LYBE http://www.scgvacc.net/download/scenery/LYBE_v_3.1.zip Tivat Airport - LYTV http://www.scgvacc.net/download/lytv_beta.zip there is not to much work to do on LYTV, there are no gates and no push back trucks , just parking positions ,so basicly you need to do just stairs and LYBE Best regards ,
  4. hi ED , how about you give us some og yours 737 panels and maybe well see about that UK2000 aurports. Maybe I can make a few phone calls, or this only regards other product and not yours
  5. Hi Oliver , any chance of doing the LYPG airport . Its freeware and you can find it on http://www.scgvacc.net/?go=downloads and on AVSIM as well. Best regards ,
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