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  1. ICAO: VMMC NAME: Macau International TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: by ThaiCreation, convert to FSX by A_A Sceneries LINK: http://secure.simmar...(es_6526).phtml AES 2.24
  2. Hi Oliver, I'm making Phuket International Airport now (VTSP). If AES support this would be great. I'll sent you the xml of the jetway and the model in Gmax as soon as possible. This scenery will be available at Simmarket soon for FSX version. FS9 will be followed. Original plan was a limited edition for free download too at Thaiflight.com, I hope I have time to do that. Thanks, Best Regards, Jirayu Tanabodee AES 2.22
  3. So now AES works as it should in VTB armi_tic project 2010, doesn't it? Tic
  4. I think I'm done today! Just some document preparation and I'll be ready to sent to simmarket this weekend. Convert to FSX will be my first priority.
  5. Hi Dillon, I think ZBAA is HUGE! It seem to be an endless job if I do this airport at this level of detail. Nevertheless, I'll try to do that when I'm done with this airport.
  6. I'm sorry for any delay. I'm doing all the surrounding that you have to see during take off and landing at this airport. Please take a look. I think I'll done with this within two weeks by now. King Mongkut Institute of Technology before landing to 19L Entrance from Motorway and Airport Link Entrance near 19L. Very complicated road system, isn't it? before 19L. Thanacity Condos and Golfcourse between 01 R and L. Entrance from BangNa-Trat and Brurapha-Vitae expressway. There are traffic over expressway. Logistic Center Traffic Airport Link Train Station.
  7. I think I'll finish this project in April. I have sent the jetway gmax files to Oliver already. There are some more to do but not so many. The free-ways around the airport. I hope I have more time to do traffic animation over those free ways. At the center of apron around concourse D, there is a rack for containers and underground way to the phaseII. Detail of the underground pathway. But it is a fake one, since it is difficult to make underground pathway and gmax structure to cover it up. I made this by texture but it look almost like it is deep down. More service vehicles. One of those airport bus will be animated but not all of them. Some of catering and gas cars will be animated but just only a few since I don't want frame rate to drop. Now it is about 30 without any AI on my computer ( Core2 E7500 2.53 GH 9800GT Ram 2G)
  8. Let's go to this link http://www.thaiflight.com/mach/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=42630 It is written in Thai but you can follow the first link you find. The download is there.
  9. You just search in google for "winrar". You will get freeware for this type of file. We use this type since it is smaller than zip and the program is free too.
  10. Just search in google for winrar file. You can download the file to decompress this type of file. It is much smaller than zip file.
  11. Hi Oliver, I would like to request Don Maung Airport. VTBD from Thaiflight.com Here is the link: Download Here From http://www.thaiflight.com Thanks, Tic (PS. This thread is great, not only making request but make me know lots of great scenery too.)
  12. Oops! Sorry about that. I'll post there too. But I'd like to introduce a free good scenery form Thailand.
  13. Hi, There is new scenery released to day by Prasong, Don Maung Airport. This is the old international airport before Suvarnabhumi Airport is openำก. I wonder if aerosoft interested in making AES compatable since this one is very beautiful. Please take a look: You can download via this link Download Here
  14. Hi Oliver, I'd like to inform you that I'm done with the jetway and the scenery regarding to that. All the scenery is not done yet, but I'm happy to send you the scenery file and jetway including XML file that imply what lat, long of each jetway. I have checked all the jetway and no fault on those. The final product will have the same jetway and the positions of them will not change. So you can work on animations while I'm finishing this scenery. I also send you the e-mail but still no reply yet. Please let me know what you need more then. Regards, Tic
  15. Hi Russ, I'm sorry that I should have told you the link. You can download by visiting Thaiflight.com. http://www.thaifligh...ewtopic&t=38727 I'm sorry I cannot post direct link, since the webmaster told me not to do. It is written in Thai but you can have google translate it or just follow the first link you find. The download link is there. BTW, you can see the progression of my project by this link http://www.thaiflight.com/mach/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewtopic&t=37663 Enjoy your flight to Phuket. Don't forget your sunblock and swimming suit.555! About WMKK, I think it would be a very good project of mine. And I think I can do this faster than VTBS since it is not as complex as. But ZBAA, I think I have to find team to do the airport at this size. If I do this airport alone at the same level of detail, I really don't know how long it gonna take. May be in FS11 or FS12. Tic
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