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  1. Thanks Oliver, yes I have boarding sound. But I change view position very often so... I will re-try !
  2. After to have installed AES 2.20c, I don't get anymore AES voices like hostess who tell that boarding is finished or marshaller who requests to set parking brake etc... Is it a limitation for the moment or a bug please ?
  3. Hello, I experience a problem with LOWI 2009 for FS9 : few static cars oo apron and ground under them are untextured (full grey). I am under W7 64 and I installed it under admin mode. Which textures are missing please ? What can I do ? Best Regards. Charles Bellot.
  4. Hello everybody, I have FS2004 installed with LOWI 2009. Sometime, only in LOWI, runway is flickering. I have set MAX...VERTEX : 21. Is it the reason ? Tell me what do you think about that please. Charles.
  5. Just a small issue : at holding point of rwy 02 (holding point where we are when we load on scenery) the taxi sign is done with blurry texture. We have to zoom in to make it clear. All other textures are fine.
  6. Many thanks Oliver for the quick reply.
  7. Hello Oliver, can we expect to get AES 2.12 for July/August holidays ?
  8. Hello Rainer, could we expect a release this week ? Charles.
  9. It makes me think to Innsbruck scenery for the representation's quality of airport's surroundings. Can't wait for the release ! Is it possible that the scenery will be released before friday ?
  10. -13 ??? Why ???

  11. Try "resync / repair" function down in airport list.
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