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AES Airportrequest post only here! But please before posting read page 1 of this topic.

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Hi Oliver ^_^

Just Wondering Could You Add Dalaman Turkey to the AES as we fly there and it would be sweet if we had aes for this nice airport ive requested this before and got no reply or got it added :o so it would be nice heres the d/load link for dalaman

Dalaman 2010 http://www.fs2000.or...ry-dalaman-2010

heres some images ^_^




Eurojet CEO

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Happy Birthday for AES Oliver !

I use this opportunity as a chance to recommend some of Hellas Scenery Project (HSP) freeware FS9 airports in Greece for AES.

The five HSP FS9 custom airports I will recommend do not exist in other forms from other developers as Freeware and (except of HSP LGAV which has already been AESed) they are the best of this "All In One" packaged that the team has put in together all 7 years' work together.

The Project's work is complete now for a couple of years.

As member of the developers team I express the team's will that we would love to see these airports AESed. :rolleyes:

All in One package.

Download :



Freeware FS9 Hellas Scenery Project

Homepage: www.avsim.com/greece/scenery

Developer's contact : Hellas Scenery Team hellasscenery@yahoo.gr

I post below one post per airport and will not repeat the above.

Airport 1 recommended : Mikonos LGMK

Airport screen shots: http://www.avsim.com/greece/scenery/fs2004/fs9_LGMK/fs9_LGMK.htm

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FS2004 Scenery LGIR Iraklion Airport

Name: irak04hs.zip Size: 1,038,451 Date: 05-27-2008 Downloads: 2,592

irak04hs.gif FS2004 Scenery--LGIR Iraklion Airport, Greece, v2; compatible with HSPBASE1.ZIP. By Alexander Schon.

The scenery is available at http://www.flightsim.com/ under the file name "irak04hs.zip", it has been tested many many times and works perfect with the latest HSP Base Scenery and GAP-Greek Airports Project "Creta Photoreal Scenery".

HSP - http://www.hvacc.gr/...mid=120&lang=el

GAP - http://www.greekairp...roject.gr/site/

Thanks for support

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I see that VFR Latin Cuzco is done. What about Aerosofts Cuzco?

No AES, because of slooped runway. Airport not flat.

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hi there it would be really nice if you could add Gillot 2003 - Reunion Island Airport to aes i know its a small airport but please try too!

the scenery files are on www.avsim.com its not payware its freeware but its a really great one there are a few AFCAD released for it after though i have put the avsim scenery file links below

Original File: http://library.avsim...=root&Go=Search

AFCAD 1: http://library.avsim...&Go=Rechercher+

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Hi Oliver

This are fantastical Freeware Airports: SBVT, SBGR, SBBR, SBSV.

You can find it on http://www.terra-brasilis.org/

Is it possible to making the next AES Update with this Airports?

Thank you very much

PS: On this Website you can find also other Freeware Airports.

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