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Hardware poll

Your hardware (read post below poll first)  

727 members have voted

  1. 1. What's your CPU like

    • Intel Core i7 class, pretty fast
    • Intel Core i5 / AMD Phenom II X4 class, more then okay
    • Intel Core i3, Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom, Athlon, Opteron
    • Slower then all that
    • not sure, that's the thing under the fan right?
  2. 2. How much memory do you have

    • 8 GB or more
    • 6 GB or more
    • 4 GB or more
    • 3 GB or more
    • 2 GB or more
    • 1 GB or more
    • Not sure, for sure some!
  3. 3. What's your harddisk like?

    • SSD + Storage HD
    • Fast raided HD
    • Standard HD
    • Not sure.... that the thing that stores my documents right?
  4. 4. What's your Graphics Card like?

    • Top end >$400
    • High end >$250
    • More then okay >$150
    • More less okay >$75
    • Low end / on motherboard
    • No idea, do I need one?
  5. 5. What OS are you using?

    • W7 / 64 bits
    • W7 / 32 bits
    • Vista / 64 bits
    • Vista / 32 bits
    • XP / 64 bits
    • XP / 32 bits
    • None Windows
    • Not sure, looks nice though.
  6. 6. How do you connect to the Internet

    • Cable / ADSL 8Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL 4Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL 1Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL below 1Mbit/s
    • Dialup
    • Not sure

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Despite the limitations of my system which I will probably upgrade early next year it copes pretty well since installing Win 7 64 bit. It can handle mega scenery airports and PMDG NGX albeit the extra airport features have to remain turned off. I thought this would be a test too far but not so!

My current system is a Dell unit with 2.6 Quad core and nvidia 285x 1GB and with 6GB DDR 2 RAM. The hard drive is unremarkable.The system is 3 to 4 years old but has been given extra life by upgrading the operating system to Win 7 64 bit and adding additional memory.

I have AES on all my addon airports which I thing is innovative and immersive. Oliver keep up the good work!


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We are trying to update our 'average' customer (we call him Joe Thesimmer) and with this poll we like to find out what kind of hardware the users of this forum have. If you intend to update your h

For those of us who build our own and experience the elated ups and frustrating downs of hardware nature, I would like to sincerely thank Aerosoft for never, ever making re-download or re-installation

my pc is the new acer predator and is great will keep it up to date with with graphics, and a may get a 3d screen i would like to say i have a few of your games and they are great. love omsi bus thi

Flight simulation is the single reason that I have spent £000s on upgrading my PC. Every time I expect (hope) that there will be a revolutionary change but it has really been an evolutionary change due to the fact that I am able to up my settings each time and still get a smooth experience.

Now almost all of my settings are to the right in FSX although I can't always get away with this with very complex aircraft and scenery.

The stupid thing is I could have spent the money on my PPL if I'd realised how much I would end up spending! (although that wouldn't let me travel the world flying tube-liners and fighters I suppose).

Congratulations to Aerosoft on 20 years in business, not an easy thing to achieve especially now. You have also made a considerable dent in my finances and I have always considered buying your products to be money well spent.

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Aerosoft's Beaver helped my slightly under-performing Dual Core CPU, but adding a few ORBX scenery products drove my frame rates consistently down into single figures. I had virtually given up on flying until I finally decided to splash out and build a new system ... and what a difference a few hot components make! Now I'm back to flying regularly and hoping Aerosoft will continue to produce class-leading general aviation aeroplanes.

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5 freebies? Now THAT'S a great idea!

Serious stuff now: I'd like to thank you, Mathijs, for your advice about the video card you gave us, humble simmers, quite some time ago. It made me buy one of the last ATI 4600 available. For me, it's just as good as a GTX460... Great FPS, smooth as silk, excellent visual quality, low price... No better deal!

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My PC isn't the greatest or latest but I can run the PMDG 737NGX with Approaching Innsbruck X and all sliders at 50-70% and get 15fps in the VC.


Intel Core 2 Quad (2.66GHz, Q8400)



NVIDIA GeForce 330 GT

Windows 7 Home Premium

and FSX runs fine, so I will not be upgrading anytime soon!!

Thanks, Aaron G.

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An interesting poll, but I was a bit surprised to see that W7/64-bit had such a big share of the OS...

My system spec in detail. Custom built by a friend of mine about 18 months ago, but i've upgraded the GFX and RAM since then..

CPU: Intel Core i7 860 @ 2.8GGhz

Motherboard: Gigabyte P55A-UD3

RAM: 16 gb DDR III Ram @ 1600 mhz

HDD: 1x 500 gb Samsung Spinpoint, 7200 Rpm, 16 mb cahce, SATA (system + applications) + 1x 1 Tb Samsung spinpoint, 7200 RPM, 32 Mb Cache, SATA (For FSX and other games)


OS: Windows 7 64bit Pro

Screen: Samsung SyncMaster 2230, 22" widescreen at 1980*1080 resolution + 1 old NoName 19" LCD screen at 1280*1024 resolution

Joystick: Logitech Flight System G940

I must also say that I was most impressed with the Anchorage scenery. Did my first flight out of there last night and it looked stunning, and the framerates were very good even in the PMDG 737 NGX.

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I am missing an option for the storage question: I am running purely from SSD, I don't use HD's any more (except for external backups)

I run more or less purely from SSD too now for flight sim on my main rig, using internal and external mechanical HD's for bulk storage and even games where load times are not important too though.

Mildly surprised to see Win 7 64 bits as the enthusiast (us) OS of choice, but there is no doubt it was what Vista was meant to be and good though XP was, its showings its age now.

I doubt Windows 8 will be the same level of performance or user confidence gain ... I'd go so far as to say a lot will be saying, god dammit, this should have been Win 7 SP2 or 3, not Win 8 :)

We'll see.

One things for sure, 64 bit operating systems and hardware are here to stay now and are well established, it will be a long long time before we go to such major acceptance of an inevitable 128 bit OS or hardware.

Do you remember how recently folk were de-crying 64 bit OS's, saying we will never get driver support, how wrong they were, the same will happen with SSD's IMHO, I cant believe how much the performance has improved since just my 2nd gen one and the price has dropped, still a bit expensive but getting there.

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I'd just like to add, part of the success of Win 7 IMHO is that Microsoft let it be freely open tested for a long time by anyone who cared to sign up and download their at the time public beta, people loved Microsoft for that, they dual booted XP and Win 7 and it soon became obvious what direction to go ... heck just before launch there were so many deals to still get a legitimate Win 7 64 license dirt cheap (I've got two) but one friend of mine still insists on trying to keep up with cracks for his pirated copy, there is no talking to him, its his downtime and his loss, he knows best :)

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Hi everyone,

While not average when I had my system built, it is becoming comparable to alot of the i7-2600K Intel chips and the GTX 560. My specs are:

•Intel i7- 980 @ 4.2 ghz, 12 PCG CPU

•Gigabyte ATX X58A-UD7 Motherboard

•12gb Patriot Viper 1600mhz DDR3 Gaming RAM

•Gigabyte GTX 480 - 1536mb Nvidia GDDR5

•Kingstone 64gb Solid State Drive for W7

•Western Digital 600gb 1000rpm Veloci Raptor SATA drive for FSX

•1.0tb Seagate 7200rpm SATA drive for stuff

•1200 watts Thermaltake Power Supply

•Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit

•Corsair H80 Water Cooling

•Coolermaster Centurion 590 tower

The system I've been recommending for an average budget (and a few of my FSX buddies have bought them) are specced like this:

Intel i7 2600K CPU Oc 4.4G

GA Z68XP-UD3 B3 GA Z68XP-UD3 B3 motherboard

4G DDR3 Kingston 1333Mhz

2 x 1TB WD or Seagate SATA 3 7200rpm

1.2G Geforce GTX 570 PCI Express

Cooler Master Elite 430 case with 750W power

24" LG or Acer LCD monitor DVI

22 x SATA DVDRW Dual Layer

Built in Gigabit Lan, USB 3.0, SATA 3.0, SATA Raid......

Windows 7 HP 64

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Hmmm, not sure the average customer is posting on this forum. I would expect many people just buy boxed products in the shop and never visit the company

Indeed indeed we are after those people's hardware in other ways.

I beleive that there are a great many people who follow the forum without posting, but who would take the time to complete this poll and thus help you build a better understanding of the "avaerage" client data base that you are looking for. Call it the forum "silent majority" perhaps. I am curious about how you approach getting the hardware information as you mentioned above.

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Intel E8500 Core2 Duo @ 3.1 Ghz

2GB of Ram


HD 250GB - 4 Partiitions

FS2004 + FSX

I Intent to go to a i5 or i7-2600K - 8GB Ram - - NV560 -

1 SSD + ! 7200Rpm HD or 2x7200 in RAID + 1 HD or more for storage

but I don't know when

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You are looking for ideas? How about that? I want a tool, that looks for all my Aerosoft-installations and checks if they are on a currentversion. If that has an option to submit my hardware specs (must be able to opt in/out) I would be glad to submit them. Then developpers can see what hardware is used on what add-ons and maybe even could collect error logs?!

Just my 2cts.


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I am currently using a single older gtx285 card, but I plan to upgrade by adding two GTX 570 series cards to run in sli mode, within the next 6 months.


Note that that will do nothing for FS2004 and most likely will be a bad choice for FSX. I have actually NEVER seen an SLI system run FSX well.

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