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  1. Hello, As Fabian has said above, a lot of preview images have been posted on the Facebook page. We will have a much more comprehensive update soon. A lot of what is going on at the minute it optimisation and adjustments. All major structures have been completed. For example, today Darren manage to compile 38 separate texture sheets into just 5. This is a drastic reduction in drawcalls, therefore offering better performance. One more notable feature is that AES Lite has recently been implemented into the FSX version of the scenery. I will post some screenshots of it soon. There is a lo
  2. We are indeed supporting FS 2004. It will come after the initial FSX/P3D release.
  3. A performance tool will be included so you can adjust the scenery for your PC. The grass has had to be optimised for performance, while maintaining an acceptable look. It is an airport, not a grass simulator. When in the cockpit, as you can see from the screenshots above, the grass looks very good imo
  4. Just a little update for everyone. I am showcasing the 3D Grass, which will be all over the airport! The 3D grass does have a significant impact on performance, but, it looks great if you can handle it! Everything is still work-in-progress and we are aware of issues.
  5. When we have news, we will post news. At present we are very busy working on the airport!
  6. Yes, all the usual things like clutter will be there. They will be added just before release. The jetways are modelled and will be compatible with AES. I will update everyone as to when the jetways have been animated using AES.
  7. Darren has been extremely busy recently. There will be a full update later on today, but for now, just one teaser image! #details
  8. Darren is delighted to show the first previews of the FS 9 version. Delivering such an airport for 3 different platforms, with 3 different SDKs is no easy task, but we are getting there! I would like to emphasise that the first image is a few days old and as such does not have all the exported objects in it. Images 2 and 3 are representative of the current progress of the FS 9 version as it stands today. The FS 9 version will also include features such as transparent windows in Concourse A. This means the interior of Concourse A is modelled and visible, even in the FS 9 version! In additio
  9. We are delighted to announce the on-going development of Mega Airport Brussels for FS 9. This FS 9 version is currently in-development along with native FSX and P3D v2 versions. There will be some FS 9 previews (along with new FSX and P3D previews) to share with you later on today!
  10. Some new previews showing impressive work on the ground poly and reflective glass by Darren!
  11. Hello all, I have been testing the scenery in Prepar3d v2.2 So far, so good. I have quite an old setup, so I cannot take advantage of all the flash new P3D v2 features. The screenshots show 2048px textures with FXAA. No shadows etc. have been enabled. No editing except for cropping. Hopefully you can also see some of the great detail Darren has put into this scenery. Textures are on-going and work-in-progress, especially the window textures. They don't quite have the shine factor yet! Enjoy!
  12. Hi all, Jorik, thanks for bring up the topic of performance. It has been something that I had been hoping to discuss at some point. It is important to understand that throughout history, as PC power increased, developers added more and more features to exploit the new processing power. Today’s PCs have power that was only a pipedream a decade ago, especially Intel’s latest i7 processors. Unfortuantly, we in the FSX world are constrained by the engines limits. FSX was built in 2005/2006 when single core processors were mainstream and chip manufactures were talking about insanely high clock spee
  13. We are looking into animated boarding, like that featured in Mega Airport Oslo v2. However, it is important to stress that we are not promising or committing ourselves to implementing it. I don't want to get anybody's hopes up.
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