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  1. Goof

    Screenshot winners

    congrats to all winners! well deserved
  2. cant wait for the A320 especially, so many airlines in the eu fly the A320
  3. thanks for replying! I will test the new files later or tomorrow! Thanks for the help, appreciated as always.
  4. Goof

    Your best Screenshot

    they are all so cool Keep them coning!
  5. Goof

    Your best Screenshot

    so many great shots! I really need to invest money into a new computer sometime during the next months/years (hard to get that money as a student ) With competition like this, i wont win any of these contests But keep them coming, those screenshtos are all amazing! I love those from Skiathos and the approach in Kai Tak
  6. so i did the Speedbird 2 Flight tonight it was great fun!
  7. Goof

    Repaint requests

    i second this request! Could only find the old one, it would be great to have the new one! Maybe one of the talented painters out there can get it done!
  8. Goof

    Your best Screenshot

    the second one is cool!
  9. Goof

    Split second warning sound

    got the same thing!
  10. Exterior sound of the APU is really loud compared to the interior sounds I need to turn down my volume every time i switch perspectives while sitting on the gate at preflight if i have the apu running :/ is there a way that i could adjust the sounds to make it a bit quieter? other than that, i absolutely love the new busses, they run completely flawless for me
  11. Goof

    Your best Screenshot

    edit: somehow everyone likes booty-shots of the Airbus lol
  12. how about some Airbus screenshots?
  13. Goof


    i just installed, didnt get to fly them yet, i guess my first flight gonna be either tomorrow or on saturday. But as far as i have seen and heard by just shortly hopping into the vc, its really good!