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  1. I dived into the code of the DC8, and fixed it. In Aerosoft DC8\SimObjects\Airplanes\DC-8_50\Panel\DC81\logic.xml, I have changed the section in lines 498-501 from: (L:AP TURN,number) -10 == if{ (A:AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK,bool) ! if{ (>K:AP_HDG_HOLD_ON) } 1 (>L:enable_HS,bool) } to: (L:AP TURN,number) -10 == if{ (A:AUTOPILOT HEADING LOCK,bool) ! if{ (>K:AP_HDG_HOLD_ON) 1 (>L:enable_HS,bool) } } That does the trick! The only thing is that the heading bug is not moving, but the plane turns into the direction that the FMC is commanding, which is good enough. It would be nice if the heading bug would move as well. If I find the time, I will see if I can make the heading bug move as well. Not sure if I can find a way to do that though.
  2. Thanks a lot for your support on this!
  3. No problem. I hope you enjoyed your holidays! The third party app is trying to control the heading,as I can see the heading bug on the HSI of the third party app jumping to the desired heading for a split second, but it's being reset immediately as it's not able to change the AP heading bug of the DC8. In short, same behavior as before.
  4. Thanks for the new 2.0.0 version! I tried it with the new 2.0.0 version. Unfortunately, I didn't get it to work. Did I need to change a setting somewhere to make it work? I was on AP, in HDG Select mode. But when I engaged LNAV on my ISG gauge, the heading bug is still stuck in place. For reference, I tried the same setup in another aircraft that makes use of the default AP. There the ISG gauge was able to successfully move the heading bug and navigate the plane.
  5. Thanks for looking into this. If you could make it work, that would be great!
  6. I gave it another try with Ernie Alston's ISG FMC and it wasn't able to drive the heading bug. Not in heading select, turn more or the external mode (the one for using the INS). I can see that upon engaging LNAV, that is tries to move the heading bug, but it's being reset with a split second. I don't have the GTN750 from RXP, but as it also uses the method of driving the heading bug, it won't work either. As far as realism goes, I guess it's not realistic to have an FMC in your DC8-50. Some DC8-70s had an FMC installed (maybe retrofitted), but since this is a 50 series DC8, I can live with the compromise of having an FMC in my DC8-50. This setup will allow me to enjoy this great aircraft online and expand it's usability.
  7. I think that is what I tried. But I will give it another try, to explicitly put the autopilot in heading select mode. Thanks. I will let you know.
  8. I am aware that the INS can fly SID's and STAR's. But especially when flying online, these can be assigned and changed dynamically by ATC, leaving no time to look up all the coordinates of the waypoints, let alone keying them into the INS. Also I find that the INS is not well suited when there are sharp turns involved. Also I know that many SID's and STAR's can be flown conventionally via VOR's and radials. But more and more SID's and STAR's are RNAV based, where the waypoints and legs bear no relation to VOR radials. I fly mainly in Europe where this is the case.
  9. Hi, Would you consider making an option, so the autopilot would be able to work with an external FMC, like Ernie Alston's ISG, or RXP GTN/GNS gauges? These gauges drive the stock heading bug and work with aircraft that use the default AP. I tried to use to use the ISG. It changes the heading bug, but then the heading bug is moved back immediately. I am not asking for a way to integrate these gauges in a fancy way, but just an option for the DC8 so that it can listen to standard AP heading bug changes. The INS is great of course, just I would like to fly online and I get into troubles as many SIDs and STARS are RNAV based nowadays. Thanks.
  10. I am still running good old FS9 (which is running great!) on my Core2duo E8600 @ 3.3 GHz. Using an ATI 4870. Maybe I'll upgrade it in a year.
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