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  1. I think the Realair Turbine Duke has some wonderful humming sound to them. I love to listen to them while idling...
  2. Very nice video Sasa, would be awesone to be part of such endeavor. Thanks for sharing!
  3. And the GPS as 2D pop up is unacceptable? I have the IPad with moving map software strapped on my leg while flying (in the real world)
  4. Mmm..I guess no one likes chocolate Santa's
  5. Lover all the small things in this aircraft. Looks like Santa brought us a chocolate Santa.
  6. Hi there, will the summer/winter season be depicted somehow with the ice melting and growing? Antartica does look vert different in summer or winter. Will the penguins and seals be depicted?
  7. Darn my name's Rob but I seem to be average Joe
  8. Perhpas this can help you somehow? Deane Baunton. Look for his Fletcher series
  9. Thanks for the feedback. What are your comp specs?
  10. How are the framerates conpared to default (which are not that great IMHO)?
  11. Hi Mathijs, I helped with the testing of: -Dimona -Huey -H36 -Aerolite Falcon Best!, Rob de Vries
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