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  1. Hi Joshua,

    I was looking for a solution and found the post where you uploaded fmgs.zip for dll file. I need one but the zip file there has 0 bytes. I need fmgs.dll for Airbus X Extended. the current one is causing crash to desktop when leave runway for taxi to gate. I checked the error log in Events Viewer and it is fmgs.dll creating a mess around.

    Kindly send me the updated file

  2. Please avoid duplicate topics and consolidate your discussion in here:
  3. I think we can debate all day about this. Let me help summarise for all. 1. We close topics for various reasons. However, in this case, censorship is not one of them. Frank explains it perfectly in his words : "With regard to us closing topics. For the most part we do support here. Support in the sense that we help people that are having problems with the product they bought. As you may have noticed this CRJ part of the forum is pretty big only one week after release. To keep it somewhat manageable we close topics that we think got their answer. If we think more talk could bring something useful for us and the reader we leave it open. And we always encourage people to open a new topic if they still do not have the answer they want. Like you are doing now. Closing topics has nothing to do with us not willing to "learn" or killing a difficult truth. I hope I made that I bit more clear to you now." 2. CRJ simulates day to day operations and that means strictly following daily SOPs. Anything out of SOP may not be simulated. If this statement concerns you, you shouldn't purchase the CRJ. 3. CRJ will be updated and in time it may result in expansions of scope of the simulation. User suggestion will be considered. 4. Comparison is fine, but it will always lead to endless debate. Aerosoft has already defined CRJ product features and price and that is not up for debate. You can seek clarification for any unsure parts. Decide for yourself if the CRJ is the right product for you before you purchase.
  4. Hy Joshua!


    Just finished reading this (long) post on the forums: 


    I am looking into an Airbus plane to buy, and I am kinda of disappointed with this one, seems pretty much perfect but what that post describes simply nulls it.


    Is there seriously no fix for this since January 2015?


    Hope to hear from you. Cheers!

  5. Would you be so kind to contact me via PM?
  6. For reference, did you load any panel state or any fpln into the FMGS?
  7. Correct. The option is enabled by default as its fail safe.
  8. Hello, A friend would like to start and build planes and he would like some pointers on programming codes for the aircraft and stuff. I though that you could maybe give him some answers. Also I am doing a scenery and would also like some pointers if possible. Thanks. Cheers, Brandon Promeneur

    1. blackbird971


      I would have MP you but I couldn't

  9. Gentlemen, There is a spike of such issue relating to P3DV2 and SimConnect. This is probably a result of P3D not installing SimConnect properly OR removing FSX after installing P3DV2. SimConnect.zip Fortunately, the workaround is simple: Download and install all three msi packages and restart.
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