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  1. OK i should have read all of the posts first!!
  2. They have all hosted (or are going to host) the Olympics Sydney, 2000 Beijing, 2008 Rio de Janeiro, 2016 Calgary, 1988 Munich, 1972 Moscow 1980
  3. Here are the scoring templates for phase 3 and 4. That should help you out. andra field RTW challenge.zip
  4. Sounds good to me, lets include more countries this time though and Antarctica. I have loads of scenery (not just Aerosoft ) and need an excuse to visit it all. It would also be nice to have more flexibility of choice of aircraft which in turn would give more choice as to destinations. Count me in.
  5. Sadly, I didn't see anyone but here are my screenies
  6. And Gamespy keeps disconnecting me as it thinks i'm logged on elsewhere Boy, this is trying my patience
  7. Well I'm finally in the session and appear to be on Runway 27 at EAFS. I'm confused I thought that the flight was from LOWI?
  8. 3840*1024*32 Default C172 Virtual Cockpit Clear Skies All Scenery Settings Maxed (except Water Low 2x) Everywhere Windowed Screen Triple Screen 12FPS Single Screen 20 FPS
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