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  1. FSX SP2 1. Connect ground power (via DAVE) 2. Ground Power ON 3. Test Lights ON- (AVAIL) not lit. 4. BAT sw ON - (AVAIL) not lit. I turn everything off following opposite steps above 4-3-2-1 (BAT off - Tst LT OFF - GND pwr OFF - GND pwr Disconnect. Then I do the other way around. 1. BAT on 2.DAVE GND pw Connect 3. GND pw ON - (AVAIL) not lit. 4. Test Lights ON- (AVAIL) not lit. Last time I used CRJ was 2 days ago and AVAIL light was working as advertised without the 'trick' described in my post above in this thread. Between that flight in this one I intent to start (where the AVAIL-light problem appears) I used payware aircraft form 4 different developers the 3 of them 'complex'. Also I used OpusFSX and LITTTLENAVMAP all the times and VPilot on two occasions.
  2. EDIT: Responding to Hans's request FSX SP2 - WIn7 SP1 - CRJ Battery On Dome Lights On (it is dark at the time of the test) LAMP TEST 1 -> AVAIL light on (along all other) LAMP test OFF I request ground power AVAIL light on PS: I did not follow the hint I state on previous post
  3. Starting FSX SP2 in the default Cessna the best practice to avoid problems with add-on aircraft.
  4. SLKVP

    MFD Range dial CTD

    @Hans Hartmann No system re-install - just MS windows updates There are several MS Visual C++ Redistributables Edit: Last Redistributable install is July 2019 - same date CRJ Installed .
  5. SLKVP

    MFD Range dial CTD

    Win7 SP1 FSX SP2 Ver Fixed for me.
  6. A hint that seems to work with FSX SP2 - WIn7 SP1 - CRJ Before Starting FSX : Run CRJ Manager - Options TAB - move a slider one position then back where it was Click Save Configuration Start FSX AVAIL light appeared !! I don't know if the trick works in P3D Note: My FSX starts with default Cessna with engine running, then I shutdown engine and turn off everything
  7. SLKVP

    MFD Range dial CTD

    It happened again mid-flight Win7 SP1 FSX SP2 Experimental CTD after using mouse wheel to adjust MFD range dial I don't if the Windows Event viewer report would help. i think I dialed above 80nm
  8. I would like to have something like in PMDG where - for example - I use TAB+1 for Ias up and TAB+2 for IAS down. As long as I know, it is not supported such an action, but you can use FSX/P3D default key commands [whatever is available] if I have understood correctly.
  9. I believe, the following solved my problem: v Rev 358 [Fixed] NAV-to-NAV transfer doesn't block manual frequency tuning any longer Checked with EDDM ILS 08L 110.30 (FSX default scenery) I was able to tune and follow ILS Many Thanks !
  10. I will check again EDDM
  11. SLKVP

    MFD Range dial CTD

    Win7 SP1 FSX SP2 Experimental CTD after using mouse wheel to adjust MFD range dial
  12. Experimental Solved the Issue Thanks
  13. Good to be able to change frequency, as if Flight simulation platform in use does not allow navaid update the simulated aircraft need to adapt for platform short-comings. Thanks for having problem solved. ,
  14. Default FSX Scenery. EDDF rwy18 -EDDM ILS08L EDDF RID AMTIX AKONI Z74 T104 ANORA ANORA3A EDDM - (via MIQ MAGAT - ILS 08L IMNE 109.50) Here is the catch: ILS 08L IMNE 109.50 nowdawy but FSX default scenery with 'ancient' navaids: ILS 08L IMNE 110.30 I never got ILS tuned. Having NAV in MANual trying to tune 110.30 it was reverted back to 109.50 either via FMS or RTU There has no 0.00 in FMS or RTU but I got red LOC1 in red box and red 0.0NM. Looks like it autotunes to FMS database frequency once arrival RWY is selected. See here, in my dropbox a relevant video and screenshots of my findings. I hope it helps.
  15. At 1500 AGL GEAR DOWN FLAPS 20 selected VOR/LOC1 and I was able to tune HOS VOR 110.80 I don;t understand what is happening...
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