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  1. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    I believe, the following solved my problem: v Rev 358 [Fixed] NAV-to-NAV transfer doesn't block manual frequency tuning any longer Checked with EDDM ILS 08L 110.30 (FSX default scenery) I was able to tune and follow ILS Many Thanks !
  2. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    I will check again EDDM
  3. SLKVP

    MFD Range dial CTD

    Win7 SP1 FSX SP2 Experimental CTD after using mouse wheel to adjust MFD range dial
  4. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    Experimental Solved the Issue Thanks
  5. will Is this static or animal ground traffic ?
  6. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    Good to be able to change frequency, as if Flight simulation platform in use does not allow navaid update the simulated aircraft need to adapt for platform short-comings. Thanks for having problem solved. ,
  7. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    Default FSX Scenery. EDDF rwy18 -EDDM ILS08L EDDF RID AMTIX AKONI Z74 T104 ANORA ANORA3A EDDM - (via MIQ MAGAT - ILS 08L IMNE 109.50) Here is the catch: ILS 08L IMNE 109.50 nowdawy but FSX default scenery with 'ancient' navaids: ILS 08L IMNE 110.30 I never got ILS tuned. Having NAV in MANual trying to tune 110.30 it was reverted back to 109.50 either via FMS or RTU There has no 0.00 in FMS or RTU but I got red LOC1 in red box and red 0.0NM. Looks like it autotunes to FMS database frequency once arrival RWY is selected. See here, in my dropbox a relevant video and screenshots of my findings. I hope it helps.
  8. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    At 1500 AGL GEAR DOWN FLAPS 20 selected VOR/LOC1 and I was able to tune HOS VOR 110.80 I don;t understand what is happening...
  9. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    no freeware airport bat 0.00 on active frequency is here.. I manually tuned LSV vor on NAV1 just after departure. Though NAV1 shows 0.00 LSV VOR is still tuned when selecting VOR/LOC1 source. I will try a route between airports in Germany or France next time.
  10. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    Removed LGHI freeware scenery and flown LGMT LSV H59 MES LGHI I got again 0.00. I gat also scratchpad message 'LOC WILL BE TUNED' I selected VOR01 arival via MES vor. No ILS on both dep or dest airports. I will remove LGMT add-on tonight and try again.
  11. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    No tuning hardware. I will try to investigate further and I will come back
  12. SLKVP

    NAV1 and/or NAV2 tune 0.00

    FSX SP2 WIN7 64Bit CRJ Installed version: AIRAC: Navigraph 1809 I have noticed that my NAV1/ and or NAV2 radios autotune to 0.00 and even if I select 'MAN in FMS, I'm unable to re-tune either by using the FMS keypad or the RTUs. The frequency is reflected also in the backup tuning unit. I need to do some a test flight to figure out whet this happens I have noticed this with some add-on airports even without ILS. Does it make sense to enable LOG in CRJ manager and to what level ? Regards
  13. and map knob rotation to keyboard ! In FSX defaults only HDG is supported
  14. SLKVP

    CRJ 700/900X Update Progress

    Good that this airplane is being improved almos 1 year after release. I would like to know if there will be a way to ‘map’ keyboard keys to autopilot knobs and buttons.
  15. SLKVP

    32bit - Rain removal Click Spots

    Michael, I understand the constraints of 32bit, I would like to thank you once again for the 32bit version. Sam