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Your hardware (read post below poll first)  

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  1. 1. What's your CPU like

    • Intel Core i7 class, pretty fast
    • Intel Core i5 / AMD Phenom II X4 class, more then okay
    • Intel Core i3, Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom, Athlon, Opteron
    • Slower then all that
    • not sure, that's the thing under the fan right?
  2. 2. How much memory do you have

    • 8 GB or more
    • 6 GB or more
    • 4 GB or more
    • 3 GB or more
    • 2 GB or more
    • 1 GB or more
    • Not sure, for sure some!
  3. 3. What's your harddisk like?

    • SSD + Storage HD
    • Fast raided HD
    • Standard HD
    • Not sure.... that the thing that stores my documents right?
  4. 4. What's your Graphics Card like?

    • Top end >$400
    • High end >$250
    • More then okay >$150
    • More less okay >$75
    • Low end / on motherboard
    • No idea, do I need one?
  5. 5. What OS are you using?

    • W7 / 64 bits
    • W7 / 32 bits
    • Vista / 64 bits
    • Vista / 32 bits
    • XP / 64 bits
    • XP / 32 bits
    • None Windows
    • Not sure, looks nice though.
  6. 6. How do you connect to the Internet

    • Cable / ADSL 8Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL 4Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL 1Mbit/s or more
    • Cable / ADSL below 1Mbit/s
    • Dialup
    • Not sure

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We are trying to update our 'average' customer (we call him Joe Thesimmer) and with this poll we like to find out what kind of hardware the users of this forum have. If you intend to update your h

For those of us who build our own and experience the elated ups and frustrating downs of hardware nature, I would like to sincerely thank Aerosoft for never, ever making re-download or re-installation

my pc is the new acer predator and is great will keep it up to date with with graphics, and a may get a 3d screen i would like to say i have a few of your games and they are great. love omsi bus thi

Hello ,

Nice work on your scenery everything running on full graphics settings. CTDS only when approaching airports with AES lite, Like Germain Airports 3 and Innsbruck. (EDDW and Innsbruck ) but a workround to disable aes lite can solve the issue. You can always fix this or give me a solution to resolve it.

my specs below

I7 920 OC @ 4+ Ghz with water cooling

Nvdia GTX 580 3096 MB memory OC from Factory (recently changed my 2 x 5970) (kinda of downgrade but upgrade for FSX)

6GB ram ,

W7 Ultimate 64Bit

I am waiting for the enthusiast version of I7 next gen about to release at the end of the year


Thanasis Chatzikampouris

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Currently in school at the moment so that helped to generate my interest in computers along with my friends. I would have preferred to get nitty gritty with the old computer swapping out parts but that would have been like strapping a Trent 900 to the Wright brothers plane. So instead about four months ago I got my hands on the computer you see below, custom built. With great power came great responsibility and I had a rather eventful few weeks getting FSX to play nice with the new toys but as of late I have finally be spending more time in the manuals for my 737NGX rather than my motherboard, I haven't mentioned this in my sig but i also have a rather puny Saitek Cyborg X which is next on the list for replacement. The more I can bog down my system the better it seems to preform, which means its high end scenery AND aircraft, not just one or the other. So I can enjoy flying my holiday routes in amazing accuracy with Aerosoft scenery and PMDG.

I think rather than aiming your products entirely at one range of computers or another, you should allow for them to be highly customizable. For example selectively removing parts of the addon scenery (maybe one could have just the airport scenery and not the runway/taxiway textures. This way everybody gets what they want.


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Shouldn't it read "more than okay" instead of "more then okay" in your little survey?

Though I am only a light fsx simmer (Q6600 @ 3,19 GHz, 8800GT, Vista 32, 4GB Ram), I still think that FS addons should be developed with tomorrows hardware in mind (but not of that one coming up 'in the next month', if you get it). I bought Katana 4X and can fly it even with my system in ORBX australia and with REX, though I am satisfied. Keep it up. And change the spelling error.

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Ein schönes Grüß-Gott an alle!

Diese Abstimmung finde ich sehr gut. Ein sehr großes Anliegen für mich und sicher auch für andere FS-Nutzer: Aerosoft entwickelt und veröffentlicht viele super Produkte, allerdings nicht immer für beide FS-Versionen (FS-9 und FS-X).

Ich weiß das der FS-9 schon in die Jahre gekommen ist, aber es ist immer noch ein tolles Flugsimulationsprogramm.

Es wäre schön die neuen Produkte auch noch für den FS-9 zu bekommen, natürlich bin ich auch bereit dafür etwas mehr zu bezahlen. Ich habe zwar auch den FS-X, mit allen Servicepacks, aber dieser läuft nicht besonderst gut auf meinem Computer, so das ich wie viele andere auch noch hauptsächlich im FS-9 fliege, außerdem habe ich auch im FS-9 ca. und nur an ADD-ON's (das meiste davon an Scenerien und ein paar Flugzeuge) an die 300 GB installiert und viele dieser Titeln gibt es leider nicht für FS-X, oder Updates davon. Da zähle ich noch nicht mal die, die ich aus den FS-9 in ein temporeres Lager (bzw. Festplatten-Hanger) ausgelagert habe und nur temporär im FS-9 nutze, da kommen ca. nochmals 100 - 120 GB dazu. Und so alle 4-6 Monate "wächst der FS-9" weiter. Über die Jahre kommt also so einiges an ADD-ON's dazu.

Selbst wenn es denn alle Titeln für den FS-X gäbe, bei dieser Größe alles in den FS-X zu tranferieren, und alle Lizenzschlüssel zu aktiviern, monstroeuse Arbeit, ohne dabei zu denken das da eventuelle Probleme enstehen könnten, da glaube ich, ich würde Monate dazu brauchen bis wieder alles ungefähr so installiert ist wie im FS-9, abgesehen davon das der Speicherbedarf im FS-X viel größer als im FS-9 ist.

Also vielen Dank für diese Möglichkeit der Abstimmung und des Feedbacks.

Ganz liebe Grüße aus Graz - Austria


PS: PC-Daten:

Asus P5N-T

Intel Core 2 Quad CPU

Q6600 @ 2,40 GHz

RAM: 4,00 GB

Nvidia GeForce 9800 GT _ RAM: 512 MB

All HDD: ca 3,5 TB

Sound Blaster Audigy

Windows XP Prof. 32 Bit

CH-Flight Sim Yoke LE

CH-Ruder Pedals

CH-Throttle Quadrant

MS-Force Feedback 2 Joystick

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Just as a little comment: I'm pretty satisfied with my current system and I hope seeing Aerosoft developing FSX native sceneries like EDDM or Zurich. Maybe a complete reworked EDDF would be very nice!

Beside this: as every big company they have their ups and down, but overall I'm very happy to have Aerosoft ;-)

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Have 2 systems running....

2.8Ghz i7 - 8Gb ram - 7200 hard drive x 2 - Asus p7p55d-le - Nvidia gts450 1Gb - running fs9 and fsx accel.

3.3Ghz i5 (@ 4Ghz) - 8Gb ram - hybrid 7200 hdd - ssd (for fsx) - Asus p8p67 pro - Nvidia 550ti 1Gb - running fsx sp2.

Both windows7 64bit. and a LOT of Aerosoft scenery along with a few utilities and stuff from other vendors. All gradually upped over the years from a P75 (yep 75Mhz) running FS95... now all home built for a fraction of what that first pc cost lol.

John Ellison

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Currently have a AMD Phenom II x4 processor, does a good job, but hear the Intels are better for FSX, Would love to get i7, but that would mean a new motherboard and a complete reinstallation of fsx, i do not want to do that with all the add-ons i have for it. As long as i am getting more than 15fps at all times i am a happy man.

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my system is quite low end, (E600) Nvidia 9600GTO 6 gig of Ram, but it runs most things reasonably well, I have the occasional scenery glitch, but nothing I can't live with. If I can find a more powerful processor to fit my mobo, that would be my next upgrade, then a better graphics card. Other than that I'm reasonably happy.



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