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  1. Welcome Back to London MIke! Really enjoyed your informative posts.
  2. Leg 32 EICK-EGLC This final leg will take us across St Georges Channel reaching the coast of Wales at Pembrokeshire. The route continues over the Brecon Beacons leaving Wales at Chepstow and crosses the Severn into England. Our final destination is London City Airport where this adventure started months ago. On the Ramp at Cork - Getting Ready for the Final Leg Crossing St Georges Channel London City - Final Approach - Pilots View 2 white - 2 red - Starting Down Past Canary Wharf Mission Completed - Right back where we started from - London City Airport
  3. Leg 31 CYYT-EICK St. Johns is the jump off point for a 1740nm Transatlantic leg to Cork Ireland (EICK). This will be the longest leg of this round the world adventure. St. Johns - Runway 29 - Lined Up and Ready Leaving North America - Climb Power North Atlantic - At Cruise - Flight Level 210 Late Afternoon at Cork (EICK) - Shutdown Complete One Leg to Go!
  4. Leg 30 CYHZ-CYYT We depart Halifax Stanfield International for a relatively short hop to St. Johns Newfoundland. Pushing back from the gate Over Cape Breton Island St. Johns Approach
  5. Leg 29 KLGA-CYHZ Departing from LaGuardia we fly up Long Island Sound, passing near Boston, then on to Nova Scotia, landing at Halifax – Today’s Destination. Passing over New Haven Boston Hazy Halifax – Arrival Parked at the Gate
  6. Leg 28 KMDW-KLGA Destination New York City. Our route is over the Indiana-Michagan border to Lake Erie, past Cleveland and then into Pennsylvania. Reaching the New York Metro area at the Teterboro VOR (TEB), we will fly south paralleling the Hudson to Perth Amboy before turning back to cross Staten Island and fly the ILS 04 approach to LaGuardia Should be good views for passengers on the left side. Leaving Chicago - Heading East Still Winter in Western Pennsylvania Manhattan Midtown - On Approach On the Ramp after Shutdown
  7. Great narrative and interesting history lesson as usual. Really like the way the Art Deco motif in the old main terminal is depicted. One small correction though, "Key Bridge" connects Rosslyn and Georgetown, "Memorial Bridge" is a bit further down river and connects the Lincoln Memorial to Arlington National Cemetery.
  8. Leg 27 KOMA-KMDW Departing from Eppley Field in Omaha Nebraska our destination is Midway Field in Chicago Illinois. We will overfly Des Moines and Iowa City before crossing the Mississippi river just north of Davenport. Reaching Lake Michigan we will fly south along the lake shore of Chicago with views of the city before landing at Midway. Heading East Afternoon Sun and Clouds over Iowa Chicago - Lake Michigan Chicago Lake Shore Flyby Passing Grant Park - Field Museum United 580 - Cleared to Land
  9. Leg 26 KSFO-KOMA Back in the Saddle Again. Today we begin our transcontinental journey across the United States. Departing San Francisco we will cross the Sierra Nevada, Great Basin, Wasatch Mountains, Rocky Mountains and Great Plains regions before arriving at our destination of Omaha on the Missouri River. Leaving San Francisco Great Basin - Passing Walker Lake Over the Rockies near Ft Collins Western Nebraska - Snow Line on the Great Plains Final Approach - Eppley Field (KOMA)
  10. Leg 25 KOTH-KSFO It will be a short flight down the Pacific coast of Oregon and California to San Francisco International. Getting Ready for Departure Leaving Coos Bay San Francisco Runway 28R - On Final Arrived!
  11. Leg 24 PACD-KOTH This longest leg yet (1667nm) will take us past the Gulf of Alaska and over the North Pacific to make landfall at North Bend / Coos Bay Oregon. We land at Southwest Oregon Regional Airport (KOTH). Engines Warming Up - Cold Bay Ramp Climb Out - Cold Bay Over the Pacific Hazy Afternoon Approach – KOTH
  12. Really like that 4th pic above the Martin River Glacier. Nice to hear a good news story about a scrappy survivor airline.
  13. Leg 23 UHPP-PACD Continuing our journey across the North Pacific, today’s almost 1400nm leg will take us over the Bering Sea. We will pass over Bering Island and near St Paul Island before our arrival at Cold Bay (PACD) Alaska. Climb Out Cloudy Day over the Bering Sea Crossing the Antemeridian - 180 Degrees of Longitude to Go! Cold Bay - Final Approach
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