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  1. Hello, Hope you could see it. In the "western version" of the AN2, this one which has changed the gauges and switch text to english, there's still a kyrillic font when you enable night lighting. This night lighting kyrillic font overlays the english font, so that in the end you couldn't read anything. Hope you could provide a fast fix ... maybe just the corrected DDS file. I tried myself to change it, but failed, whyever. Many thanks, Guenter
  2. Hello, I encounter the same problem. Set ADF needle correctly, I think, but does not change, despite what I try. many thanks EDIT ok, disregard, it is working now. However I do not know why suddenly. Will investigate if it is working 100% now. thanks anyway
  3. Aaah, great hint!!! Many thanks! If someone else wonders: "Layout" is found on the upper right of the PFPX window
  4. With v2 there's no map on the right side during flight planning. Is that intended to be so? If so, it is a very big step backwards ... Hope that could be fixed very, very soon! many thanks
  5. Ok, hab mir noch andere Szenerien angesehen. Sowas gibt es öfters. War mir bei LIME nur anscheinend irgendwie ins Auge gestochen, weil die Gebäude so nah an der Landebahn sind. Vielleicht ist die Nacht einfach hell heute
  6. Ja, HDR ist aktiv. Benutze ENVSHADE und deren empfohlene settings: 1.3 0.2 und 1.1 Ich habe nun ENVSHADE deaktiviert und ohne HDR sieht es so aus: Die Gebäude sind immer noch hell. (Sieht hier am Bildschirm wesentlich heller aus als auf dem Screenshot) Allerdings habe ich grade geguckt und bei der Szenerie EDDN sind auch helle Gebäude um den Flughafen herum … seltsam. Aber dann anscheinend irgendwie normal
  7. Ok, it is not correct what I have said: they do change textures, but the textures are not really good for night in my opnion. Should be a lot darker
  8. I think tha DHL one looks correct due to the airport lights enlightened. But the buildings in the background do not change the color even when you change the time.
  9. Hello, is it supposed to have these buildings just as bright as in daytime? Seems a bug in my opinion. many thanks!
  10. And one have to find the manuals! I do not have any entry in the WIN10 start menu and have installed my AN-2 in my separate addons folder (external from P3Dv4 main). But Aerosoft installs the manuals anyway in te EcoSystem folder inside P3Dv4 main. So I wonder why AS asks about an installation path if they install where the like
  11. Verwendet ihr die Version Ich kenne die Probleme nur zu gut, habe aber seit dieser Version keine mehr.
  12. May I just jump in and ask what the Katana v2.0 is? I find only 1.03b in my account? many thanks
  13. this is not naturally "of course" ... others would charge money for it! Many thanks for that!
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