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  1. I think I would also give small priority to at least one canary islands scenery just to say as a way of showing commitment to the project. Any word from an aerosoft official on this?
  2. Good Evening Gents, A while ago I renember reading that parts of the Canary Islands X series of airports were scheduled for release Q4/2011 Q1/2012 and this time has passed without any news. I have looked on the simwings forum however it does not give any clues and I doubt a post would get a fast response. So I have returned here to ask the status of this project? Very eager for this since UK2000 EGNX and the PMDG737NGX has been released.
  3. Currently in school at the moment so that helped to generate my interest in computers along with my friends. I would have preferred to get nitty gritty with the old computer swapping out parts but that would have been like strapping a Trent 900 to the Wright brothers plane. So instead about four months ago I got my hands on the computer you see below, custom built. With great power came great responsibility and I had a rather eventful few weeks getting FSX to play nice with the new toys but as of late I have finally be spending more time in the manuals for my 737NGX rather than my motherboard, I haven't mentioned this in my sig but i also have a rather puny Saitek Cyborg X which is next on the list for replacement. The more I can bog down my system the better it seems to preform, which means its high end scenery AND aircraft, not just one or the other. So I can enjoy flying my holiday routes in amazing accuracy with Aerosoft scenery and PMDG. I think rather than aiming your products entirely at one range of computers or another, you should allow for them to be highly customizable. For example selectively removing parts of the addon scenery (maybe one could have just the airport scenery and not the runway/taxiway textures. This way everybody gets what they want. Thanks
  4. Ok but before i go ahead and make the change can i just ask, what is the default value for Windows 7 64bit, and what is the line to enter in CMD to change it back to the orignal value. I still dont see how this affects me, as reina sofia in fsx default is absolutely deserted and i get more success at more complex airports.
  5. Not sure what you mean or what you are referencing to in that link im afraid. I dont think this is a problem as im on a 64bit OS with 8GB RAM. Why should i have to turn the settings down? Airbus X is the only addon i get this problem with and its a high end computer.
  6. Right just done a fresh install from a fresh download and i still get the same problem. I followed these instructions exactly from removing and re-installing. http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/46879-how-to-re-install/
  7. Hi Shaun, I have no addon airports/scenery installed at the moment yet i still would not say anything majorly differs between one airport and another that is linked to the crashing. I have tried a search but most suggestions either didn't apply to my problem are later seemed to cause other problems. If its any help in diagnosing the problem i do not get the error when loading the Airbus X first however i will get various errors such as the FMC not responding, cones and chocks not moving etc... One thing i may try at somepoint tomorrow is to just try a new download of the latest build and update and see if this helps. Thanks
  8. Hello, again Posted a while back talking about my Fatal error upon takeoff, Mr Shaun Fletcher kindly offer assistance but then he dissapeard. The problem remained and so i deleted Airbus X from my computer. In the recent wait for the NGX i have been trying the Airbus X because of its similar role in the market to the 737. Unfortunately i still get the errors. So i am going to list a scenario and i would like anyone to try and or help me with this problem because this is getting ridiculous. If i dont get the error on takeoff i get it after switching view from the VC. Aircraft: A320 CFM Repaint: Easyjet G-EZTF (Holgi) Location: Reina Sofia (Tenerife North) Default Scenery Weather: Default (not touched in startup Pre-Load Aircraft: Trike or Cessna 172 Default All i do is use the MCDU to set takeoff configuration. Takeoff and the sim crashes. It appears that Airbus X just does not like certain airports and refuses to take off. This problem is really annoying me now and i want a solution.
  9. Well just tried that and it worked, i remember i had bojotes mod tool applied to redid that and still fine. May have been a dodgy cfg. EDIT: Just got the error again. I need a fix for this because preformance is far superior with the tweak on. Thanks for your help.
  10. Right just tried what you suggested, all was well reaching 10,000ft with the default airbus. As soon as i loaded the aerosoft Airbus i got the same "A Fatal Error Has Occurred".
  11. Yes tried that but no luck, even tried with the default trike to no avail. What gets me is that i never had this problem on XP. I may try re-installing again later. EDIT: Just done a fresh install and problem still persists, the error occurs after i rotate from takeoff, tried different airports, views etc... no difference. Thanks
  12. Having suffered the Airbus X's problems for a long time i was very aware of the fatal error occured happening upon shutdown. However now everytime i try to take off i get it in game causing a CTD. I have only experienced this problem on my new machine to which the only reason i can credit the problems is windows 7. Could anyone help me here?
  13. Although i have reported as such, i have not personally gone as far as saying this is a bot. Aerosoft can only make their forums as secure as the technology provided to them which includes an IP check and the copy the code you see below. Bots do and will happen on any forum and should in no way be affiliated with the security of aerosoft Download Store and Boxed Store accounts. I do obviously say this as a matter of my own personal computer experience and not therefore representing aerosoft. EDIT: May i also advise not to follow the hyper links as the are described as to an external site. I do hope this is common sense to most users.
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