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  1. Got myself Faroes 4XP and the X-Rotors AW 139 v4.0:
  2. Helifan123

    Twin Otter Extended Extended?

    Hey Mathijs, any news on this one? I'd love to spend some money for having a GTN within the Twotter (and for the Bronco, too).
  3. Climbing out with the HH65C Dolphin in Nantucket. A little bit different to the other shots, I hope that counts.
  4. Helifan123

    10 Jahre Beaver FSX von Aerosoft

    Die exzellente Milviz-Beaver gibt's mittlerweile doch sogar im Aerosoft-Shop : https://www.aerosoft.com/de/fsxp3d/flight-simulator-x/flugzeuge/2154/dhc-2-beaver?c=20
  5. I'm in with the Twotter (need to download an appropriate paint for PNG though...):
  6. Helifan123

    Antarctica X P3D v3 installer

    The newest installer offers P3D v3 compatibility. ;-)
  7. Helifan123

    Antarctica X P3D v3 installer

    I requested a change to download and was able to obtain the newest version... The download provided for Box-owners was an outdated version.
  8. Helifan123

    Antarctica X P3D v3 installer

    So it seems like the new version for DVD-customers hasn't been updated yet...
  9. Helifan123

    Antarctica X P3D v3 installer

    Hey there, I wanted to reinstall Antarctica X (DVD version) on my new system and downloaded the newest installer via the FAQ/Updates-section. Unfortunately, the provided installer only shows Prepar3D v2 as an option - is there a newer installer available or do I need to install the P3D v2 version into my v3 folder?
  10. Helifan123

    Your Screenshots (part 2)

    The AN-2 is really impressive: