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  1. Hi, I already posted them in post 118, I think I will update my signature ;-)
  2. Hi Clutch! Yes, it's big fun flying in and out of the city an so much to explore. I flew some extra rounds for you with the NGX. I don't say there are no stutters with all turned on, but in my opinion it runs pretty smooth with all those details. I took some extra shoots around the city. The screens are together with FSDT's KLAX & the NGX PS: Didn't found the Bison's yet, but I will have an eye for them
  3. Hi, nutzt Du zufällig Summer 2012 schedule in UTX 2? Das Problem hatte ich nämlich auch (bereits in der Beta). Das lag aber nicht an der Szenerie, sondern an UTX. Ich habe dann den summer 2011 schedule erneut installiert, dann hatte ich auch wieder traffic in Heraklion. Da gibt es zahlreiche Bug reports im UTX Forum. Leider nimmt das dort scheinbar keiner so richtig ernst und ich bin etwas angesäuert, da die ja schließlich Geld für die Updates verlangen. Hier ist nicht nur LGIR betroffen, ich habe auch auf zahlreichen anderen Aiports keinen Traffic mit der 2012er Version.
  4. Of course, in short I use a I5 @ 3.8 Ghz, 8GB DDR3 RAM, 1GB 5770 Ati card, Win 7 64 bit. So nothing spectacular. Also using Ultimate traffic 2, REX Essential (with 1024 textures). I think this is a matter to find the correct FSX values to get fluid fps and to lower some details if approaching with a high end aircraft. I think Sascha did some great work in perfomance optimization.
  5. OK, me again. I tested FSDT's KLAX together with the NGX enabled and the frames are still good flyable (also with traffic). On my system I have between 17 and 25 fps with lighter aircrafts around the city, With the NGX I get around 15 to 20 fps over the city and KLAX, ONly by approaching the skyscrapers, the frames go down a bit by passing at low altitude, So, this seems really nice.
  6. I have FSDT KLAX running also and it fits very good into the scenery. I can check together with the NGX later.
  7. Here are some more beta shots, which give you a nice overview how huge this city is... Some more after departure from Catalina airport...
  8. I also don't think, MS will lock Windows and just use their own store. The post sounds very dramatic, but I couldn't imagine those drastic changes. I also don't see any reason, why I should swithc over to Windows 8 at the moment, my WIndows 7 platform is running rock solid and quick, why throwing that away? There are not such problems as with Vista, so no need to hurry. And games running on Linux sounds far more unrealistic to me, as there are so many different version flowing around. This would cause a tremendous ammount of support for any serious commercial "game" product. And which company will take that risk? Those "handygames" may work, but a flightsim? I don't think so... I think Windows 8 will not get that big thing and not so many user will switch over. I see no reason to do that...
  9. I wasn't aware about the PMDG thing, is it so? Can't remember I used it before..?! It was just the biggest I had in my hangar. Everything else looked to small from that distance to get the girls on the pic.. ...and of course it is a MD11F
  10. Ich würde mal sagen, dass das diverse Ursachen haben könnte. Wende Dich doch an den Hersteller. Ich bezweifle das Dir von Aerosoft geholfen werden kann, da Du ja im Simmarket eingekauft hast und Aerosoft auch nicht der Hersteller ist.
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