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Repaints, livery requests, repaint support

Mathijs Kok

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A note to painters:

The paint kit contains a file called VC_general.dds.  It got in there by mistake and you should take it out before you upload your texture packages.  It's likely an older version of the file in the main texture folder. 

And if you download a texture pack, just take it out.

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Thank you for the Swissair and the Eastern liveries.

May I please ask for three french airlines now defunct all flew the DC8 - 33 up to 70:

  • Transports Aériens Intercontinentaux (TAI) serving Asia, Pacific from Paris
  • Union Aeromaritime de Transports (UAT) serving Africa from Paris
  • Union de Transports Aériens (UTA) merger of both above (the liveriy are very similar to UAT but for one colour green instead of yellow). Not particularly interested by the latest modern UTA livery...


All liveries available on Internet but I cannot post links.

Thank you

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On 4/15/2018 at 1:56 PM, Jon Murchison said:



Just posted my first repaint for the '8'. I think she looks gorgeous in the Air New Zealand livery.


I noted what appears to be a minor mapping issue at the base of the tail on the left hand side. Be interested to hear if the developer has found it. The liveries provided don't show it up so I'm guessing not.




Download available here.





       Its great to see your repaints coming for this aircraft(along with the others that sporadically show up on avsim from time to time...)


I have fond memories of ARNZX and your endless supply of repaints. :)

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On 14.4.2018 at 22:13, Debowing sagte:

Livery request : Cyprus Airways.N99862

Photo no. 1460191

at www.airliners.net


On 15.4.2018 at 18:04, Debowing sagte:

This is the famous Cyprus Airways plane that was hijacked in 1978



There are better pictures at www.airliners.net but I can’t post them here due to copyright issues...


On 16.4.2018 at 19:42, Debowing sagte:

Thanks for all the lovely repaints, please do consider the Cyprus Airways DC-8


This is not a livery I would have usually done. But as you seem to like it a lot, I've done it for you. I hope you like it :)


Cyprus Airways Douglas DC-8 (N99862)




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They had some of the pre-turbofan ones, I guess they would be 30 or 40 series. They also leased a couple of 62s.  No 50 series, but maybe someone will do a "what if" texture.  If they had flown the 50 series I would definitely have made a default one. 

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